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Approved Tech Hannibal's Helmet

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Classification: [ Multi-Purpose, Head Protection ]
Weight: [ 2.26796 kilograms ]
Quality: [ III ]
Other Feature(s):
  • ID Scanner
  • Rebreather
  • Targeting System
Intent: [ To provide Hannibal Oryen with the tools necessary to facilitate his trade as a mercenary. ]
Development Thread: [ N/A ]
Manufacturer: [ Hannibal Oryen ]
Model: [ Hannibal’s Helmet, MK I ]
Affiliation: [ Hannibal Oryen / Someone else if they happen to steal them from him. ]
Modularity: [ Not Modular ]
Production: [ Unique ]
Material: [ Plastoid ]
Description: Hannibal's helmet is, like most helmets, designed to protect his fragile, fragile meatbag skull from damage. It offers ample protection from people's fists, most physical trauma, and glancing shots from blasters, but that's about it. The main appeal in Hannibal's helmet is the four features that Hannibal modified into the thing.

A multipurpose rebreather in Hannibal's helmet allows him to breathe both underwater and in hostile atmospheric environments. The ID Scanner allows for Hannibal to simply scan targets and compare their information to that in the databases of the Bounty Hunter's Guild. If the person has a file with them, pertinent information is displayed for Hannibal to see. Finally, a minor targeting system installed allows Hannibal greater accuracy when handling firearms. Both the ID scanner and the Targeting system are facilitated by the "third eye" on Hannibal's helmet.
Simple, and almost unnecessary. I get the feeling you will be building on this at a later date, so with that in mind.

Not open for further replies.

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