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Approved Tech Hannibal's Gauntlets, v2

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Hannibal Oryen

Slick Fondorian
Classification: [ Multi-Purpose, Minor Wrist Protection ]
Weight: [ 907.185 Grams ]
Quality: [ III ]
Other Features:
  • Right Gauntlet
    Miniaturized Energy Shield Projector
  • Comm-link
  • Basic Scanner
  • Data Storage Device
  • Whipcord Launcher [ Max Range of 3 Meters ]

[*]Left Gauntlet
  • Miniaturized Energy Shield Projector
  • Dartcaster [ Max Range of 30 Meters ]
  • Miniature Flame Projector [ Max Range of 5 Meters]
  • Cutting Torch

Intent: [ To provide Hannibal Oryen with the tools necessary to facilitate his trade as a mercenary, bounty hunter, and general crook. ]
Development Thread: [ N/A ]
Manufacturer: [ Hannibal Oryen ]
Model: [ Hannibal’s Gauntlets, MK II ]
Affiliation: [ Hannibal Oryen / Someone else if they happen to steal them from him. ]
Modularity: [ Not Modular ]
Production: [ Unique ]
Material: [ Plastoid ]
Description: Hannibal's gauntlets were not created solely for protection. True enough, they offer a token amount of protection from someone, say, punching him in the wrist or something. They are mostly intended to help Hannibal with the affair of bounty hunting and so employ a wide variety of helpful gadgets. Just like Jango and Boba Fett did. Those guys were full of good ideas, so clearly the gauntlet tools have something going for them, right? Hannibal cobbled these together piece by piece in his early days as a mercenary. As they stand now, they are pretty basic, but reliable when the situation calls for their use.

Most recently, Hannibal added two energy shield projectors to either gauntlets. These shields, while small, are perfect for defending against lightsaber toting maniacs when they happen to get too close. These shields are best used for repelling only brief lightsaber strikes, as sustained contact will likely overload them, at which point...

Well, it won't be pretty.
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