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Hannibal Oryen

Hannibal Oryen

Slick Fondorian

AGE: 34
WEIGHT: 97.5 Kilograms


  • [ Adaptable ] - [ Hannibal's good enough at what he does to be able to adapt to most situations. Not all of them, of course. There's not much to prepare him from, like, a sudden Wampa tea party breaking out or something.
  • [ Fondorian ] - [ As a Fondorian, Hannibal possesses a higher than average intelligence. ]
  • [ Upbeat ] - [ Hannibal's a fairly easy-going man who doesn't get stressed out too easily. Of course, there are some instances where he'll get fairly nervous (example above: sudden Wampa tea party), but for the most part he isn't prone to anger, frustration, or other such emotions. Hannibal keeps his cool. ]
  • [ Cynical ] - [ Hannibal is generally distrusting of most folks. He keeps his private life as far away from the knowledge of his acquaintances as possible. His tendency to outright refuse to answer questions and general shifty attitude will occasionally put strain on his relationships. ]
  • [ Condescending ] - [ As is typical for most Fondorians, largely as a result of his Fondorian Intellect, Hannibal regularly condescends to people who don't know something he finds obvious. The trouble here is that he finds some things obvious that others don't- such as technical knowledge pertaining to droids and cybernetics. He is especially rude towards the less civilized species or those who are renown as unintelligent- like Gammoreans or Gungans. ]
  • [ Confrontational ] - [ If Hannibal thinks the odds are forever in his favor, he will never hesitate to start a fight with someone who has wronged him in some way. Hannibal lives by a simple creed in this respect: disproportionate revenge for quasi-imagined slights. ]
  • [ Theatrical ] - [ Hannibal has a tendency to over-respond to threats, insults, and just generally rude behavior towards him. Since he actively lives a ruse of being unsophisticated and inarticulate thug, he is essentially acting at all times. His macho-mercenary performances and constant need to assert his manliness often land him into conflict situations. ]
Born on Fondor, as most Fondorians tend to be, Hannibal was raised to a pair of loving parents who encouraged him in everything he did. It was as optimal an upbringing as a Fondorian could hope for, really. Like every other Fondorian, Hannibal did fairly well in his academics and went on to attend a prestigious institution- the University of Oridin. He intended to go into the field of droid engineering and eke out a living for himself that way, but by the time he earned his doctorate in the field, he found he had come down with a distinct case of wanderlust. Hannibal had always been a physically fit sort, so he signed himself on with a mercenary company despite the protests of his family.

Hannibal knew enough to keep his well-to-do origins a guarded secret among his new coworkers as he trained to become a mercenary. He did not, however, realize his manner of speaking came off as pompous and fanciful to non-Fondorians. Hannibal had always thought he sounded suave and sophisticated, but it didn't go over well with the rougher sort of crowd he voluntarily went into. He quickly learned to cover up this with a less refined manner of speaking. Noting his penchant for technical knowledge, the mercenary company set Hannibal up as a combat engineer. Hannibal enjoyed a very long, very enjoyable tour. During which he became fascinated with cybernetics and made three augmentations to his body.

Then the Omega Pyre came into power over Fondor and made attempts to absorb the company employing Hannibal. As it happened, Hannibal's mercenary company had once ran operations against the Omega Pyre. So when they came into power on Fondor, it was not a peaceful shut down. Shots were fired, people died. The two mercenary forces massacred each other brutally, but ultimately Hannibal's employers were eradicated. For his brutal employment of his Repulse-Hand against the enemy mercenaries, Hannibal was labeled a war criminal by the Fondorian government. He hopped aboard, (or stole, rather) a KR-TB "Doomtreader" and fled into the Galaxy at large.

Hannibal would remain an independent gun-for-hire for quite some time, until eventually coming into contact with the Confederacy's Bounty Hunter Guild and the Raven's Ark Mercenary company.

Hannibal Oryen

Slick Fondorian

[*]Season II: Hannibal the Entrepreneur [ 15 ]

[*][ Kills ] [ Total: 0 ]
  • ​[ Reserved ]
  • [ Reserved ]
  • [ Reserved ]

[*][ Bounties ]​ [Total: 3 ]

[*][ Weapons ][ Total: 5 ]​

[*]Secondary Weapons

[*]​[ Equipment ] [ Total: 6 ]

  • [ Combat Engineering ] - [ When Hannibal ditched out to become a mercenary, he opted to have himself trained in the delicate art of battlefield construction and demolition. To this day it remains one of his primary skillsets as a mercenary, albeit one that isn't often employed. ]
  • [ Droid Engineering ] - [ Hannibal feels an innate connection to droids. It was his goal in life to become a droid engineer up until he decided he would better enjoy himself as a soldier of fun and fortune. He knows his way around most droids, be it reprogramming, salvaging, repairing, or even designing them. He obtained his Doctorate in the field from the University of Fondor. ]
  • [ Firearm Proficiency ] - [ Hannibal has become highly skilled the in the use of the Galaxy's more commonplace weapons. Assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers, and so forth are Hannibal's primary tools. ]
  • [ Unarmed Proficiency ] - [ One does not simply become a bounty hunter without acquiring the knowledge of how to beat the snot out of someone with their bare hands skillfully. Still, Hannibal is more of a brawling sort than a martial arts guy when it comes to his hand-to-hand displays. ]
  • [ Slicing ] - [ Hannibal basically has a module implanted in his brain that allows for wireless interface with both computers and droids. Ever since acquiring that, slicing into systems has become natural to him. ]

  • [ Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes ] - [ These nifty little devices allow Hannibal to see a lot more than those useless, natural eyes he used to have. These puppies are the reason for his orange eye-coloration as he hadn't considered it necessary to make them look natural. These allow him to see in a variety of modes in addition to providing telemetry data. Used in conjunction with the PsiCom Interface, Hannibal can call up stored information and files to be displayed on his field of vision. These are hardened against EMPs. ]
  • [ PsiCom 1260 Interface ] - [ A lovely little brain transplant that allows him to interface with droids and computers with his brain. Great for slicing into things and reprogramming droids. He keeps it switched off most of the time, as that whole "interface" thing is a two-way street. Hannibal also uses it as a sort of interface and storage device, calling up stored information to be displayed through his cybernetic eyes. It's hardened against EMPs. ]
  • [ Repulse-Hand ] - [ Not something you want to be on the receiving end of. Affixed to his left hand, the Repulse-Hand is something only a total monster would even dream of picking up. Miniature repulsor-lifts embedded in the hand add an immense amount of force if Hannibal were to punch someone, among other things. It's hardened against EMPs. ]
  • [ Cardio-Muscular Package ] - [ Hannibal acquired this one after the Battle of O'Reen. It does a great deal for him, like increase his strength, speed, and endurance. ]
  • [ Hyperaccelerated Nerve Implant ] - [ Hannibal equipped himself with this shortly after cashing in on Ordo's bounty. This implant improves his reflexes to preternatural levels. ]

Hannibal Oryen

Slick Fondorian
  • "I kinda liked the... Fondue guy. Hannibal, I think." - [ @[member="Kassk Kry'lya"] ]
  • "Did you just call me a goof?" - [ @[member="Daxton Bane"] ]
  • "Oh, baby. Someone wants some lovin'." - [ @[member="Ordo"] ]
  • The man who named himself as 'Steve' proved wise, grammar and vernacular notwithstanding. - [ @[member="Cronos Aegir"] ]
  • I swear to the Sirens of Gala if Hannibal screws this up I'm gonna kill him. - [ @[member="Thessa Kai"] ]
  • Naturally, Hannibal was worried about his credits. - [ @[member="Judah Dashiell"] ]
  • Inwardly the woman remarked that the bounty hunter spoke as if his mouth were full of marbles. - [ @[member="Evelynn Zambrano"] ]