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Han Mora (The Lord of War)

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden

NAME: Han Mora
FACTION: Never have been and never will
RANK: See above
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5’11
WEIGHT: 184lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Is intelligent and has a keen mind for his business

+ Has a knack for learning other languages, being able to speak more than 10

+ Not afraid to be rough and take a stand

Is not much of a fighter, at all.

Is obsessed with his work because it is all he thinks he is good at

Will throw himself into situation he can’t handle just to make a buck

A YZ-900 Freighter “The Melachor Angel”, outfitted with the standard out of factory weaponry. The cargo bay has had an expansion so that it can hold an extra 300 metric tons in a secret storage room under the floors of the main cargo bay.


Han was born on Malachor V to the Mora clan, raised by a father and mother who served as farmers. Unlike most of those born within Mandolorian space, his clan was not Mandolorian nor did they uphold the normal standards of Mandolorian living. Once Han was born, his father soon realized that the farming industry was no enough to get the family by during the darkness. Instead, his father found a way to get into the one industry that would always have business and that industry was gunrunning.

His father got into contact with a small Mandolorian gun manufacturer who paid him good money to begin smuggling their wares to their clients. Soon enough, Han’s father had saved up enough from his immense pay to buy his own freighter “The Malachor Angel”. With access to his own transportation, he used his new contacts to gain access to various munitions which he began to sell all over the galaxy.

He used the money to expand his business and keep his family living well, his wife not asking questions to the nature of his business as long as her son was cared for. Han’s father never wanted him to become a gunrunner, so he never told him of the business in which he dealt in. However, out of curiosity, Han snuck onto his father’s freighter one day and discovered the nature of his father’s business.

His father had a long talk with Han after that, telling him that his work was not something he should be involving himself in. However, the more his father pushed him away from the life, the more he was attracted by it. His father soon realized he couldn’t keep his son from following in his footsteps and so decided to teach him the ways of the “art” so that he would not get himself killed.

By the time Han was 21; he was assisting his father on high level deals and setting up contacts. It was around this same time that his father decided to leave the gunrunning business, cutting ties with many of the galaxies prominent buyers and suppliers. While Han protested, he couldn’t stop his father from doing so. Still, he was attracted by the business and so began running a small and legal gun shop on Malachor. This shop would earn moderate income but would only last for seven years, when Han’s mother died and his father grew deathly ill. Written in his father’s will, Han received the family land, farm and “The Malachor Angel”.

On the day of his father’s death, Han went to see him just hours prior. During the heartfelt meeting Han’s father gave him one last bit of advice “Han, I regret the day I let you discover what I was doing…my work was so dangerous and with the return of true governments, it will be even worse. I know I can’t stop you; you’re too much like me. I know you will take my ship and you will do exactly what I wished you would never do, you will follow my footsteps. Just promise me one thing, you won’t lose yourself…you won’t change the loving little boy I raised. You won’t let the same identity that consumed me, consume you too. Don’t become a lord of war.”

Even with this advice, Han went on to sell everything his father had left him. The only things he kept were the family plantation, where he grew up, and The Malachor Angel. The plantation is currently uninhabited and he returns only to make sure it is in stable condition. He currently leaves out of his freighter, wanting to build a life for himself by scratch as his father did.

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