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Hadur (Planet)

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Intent: This world is a major metal mine for those who can keep track of it, the world is usually located in the far outer reaches and is capable of jumping to hyperspace to escape any threats to it.

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Planet Name: Hader

Demonym: Hadurian

Region: Unknown

System Name: Multiple

System Features: Accompanied by two moons, this planet jumps to hyperspace ever 36 standard hours to a random nearby system, the only way to track it is to be on the surface when it jumps and transmit the new location to nearby beings.

Coordinates: (12,3) (3,12) (14,8) (2,2) etc

Major Exports: Metals such as Durasteel and Mandalorians steel, along with rare materials.

Gravity: Twice gravity

Climate: Temperate wasteland with few ponds and vegitation.

Primary Terrain: Mountainous and rocky

Major Locations: Floating above Hadur are the twin moons of Iris (The Icy) and Hades (The volcanic and hot). The two moons have strong force connections and channel in energy from both sides of the force. The force is so strong in these three bodies that it can manifest into physical beings and objects. On the surface of Hadur also lays an ancient facility with advanced technology superior to that found anywhere else in the galaxy.

Native Species: None

Immigrated Species: None

Population: Uninhabited

Demographics: N/A

Freedom & Oppression: Nothing is illegal on this world

Military: There is no sentient milItaly on the surface but instead, swarms of Droid who protect and upkeep the world and its advanced technology.

Technology: Advanced and plentiful

Discovered during the time of the old republic, Hadur was discovered by a smuggler delivering spice to the outer regions when he discovered an anomaly. Upon spotting the planet, he decided to land and explore. Upon landing he was as strong with the force as a jedi master and he could feel it but didn't know how to harness it. The planet felt neutral and balanced in the light and dark. After the smuggler returned to his home world of alderan he told of the world, but when a fleet arrived to see for themselves, it was gone.

The world has strange properties and no set location. When the fleet returned, the smuggler was laughed at and the world along with its mystery ability disappeared. The world is littered with technology from the the past, waiting to be re-discovered. The world was one again spotted during the clone wars and was last spotted near Irn. Those in system when the world vanishes claim that it jumps to hyperspace or leaps out of reality.

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The hyperjumping isn't a thing I can stamp. Same goes for 'instantly get Master powers when I land.' Without substantive edits, I'm sorry but this will be denied. I'd suggest using it as an in-character tall tale or something along those lines.
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