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Approved Starship GX-1 Legacy Space Yacht [GX-1 Short Hauler]

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John Rakugan

C.E.O of Elysium Industries

  • Intent: To provide a personal space yacht for the Galaxy's wealthy inhabitants.
  • Image Source: Wookiepedia
  • Canon Link: GX-1 Short Hauler
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Canon
  • Classification: Light Freighter [Officially] ; Yacht [Colloquially]
  • Length: 27
  • Width: 12
  • Height: 9
  • Armament: Mining Laser
  • Defenses: Very High
  • Squadron Count: 4
  • Maneuverability Rating:Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2 (Average)

  • Built strong to protect the wealthy owner and his or her crew. Durable; will last for centuries
  • Impress the ladies with Chromium interior!
  • Numerous special amenities.
  • Default mining laser that comes with the model is absurdly poor against enemies; was designed to destroy space debris and was never intended for combat.
  • Poor maneuverability due to the craft's weight. Rough landings with an inexperienced pilot (and especially with a heavily-damaged craft!)
  • Exceptionally expensive. This ain't your grandma's yacht.
  • Accepts only environmentally-friendly fuel, making it virtually impossible for working-class individuals and those who live in poverty to buy the ship.
The GX-1 Legacy Space Yacht is a revival of the classic GX-1 Short Hauler once created by Lantillian Shipwrights. However, the GX-1 was long forgotten by the sand of time, and Lantillian Shipwrights was eventually sold to a larger corporation. The GX-1 Short Hauler, beloved as it once was, was history due to the failed sensor array and subsequent recall. The patent rights for the GX-1 expired, and went virtually untouched: lost in the sea of expired Empire and Republic ship patents that always started a corporate bidding war. Seeing an opportunity for the at-the-time small company to take advantage of, Elysium Industries put in a successful bid for the patent, and went to work independently creating what is now the GX-1 Legacy Yacht.

CEO John Rakugan and Chief Engineer Thevron Howard worked around the clock trying to find a new sensor array provider before getting Gowix Computers on the communicator; a friend of a friend of a friend of Lantillian ShipWrights, who were unspeakably excited that the GX-1 was getting a revival and a makeover. They gave Elysium a no-interest loan and sent over the schematics for a simple array system, the ZT Sensor System, that improved on the notorious failed 7Y4 sensor suite

Despite the fact that it's advertised as "Chromium Interior", only about 60% of the interior is in fact genuine chromium; the rest is just regular chrome glossed over to look like chromium. This was a subtle, unspoken, but perhaps slightly-unethical act of kindness by Elysium Industries CEO John Rakugan done to make the craft more accessible to middle class buyers. Though the price is still astronomical, at least Elysium tried.

Figuring that the GX-1 would attract young families and retirees, the company decided against placing any sort of powerful weapon on the craft. Elysium believed it would scare people away and move the company philosophy away from personal and commercial crafts towards military manufacturing, which was unappealing. However, John Rakugan designed the Legacy in such a way that the mining laser could be removed by someone who has experience modifying starships, such as a shipwright.

Though advertised as a yacht, the ship is legally classified by the Galactic Council as a light freighter. This has caused a lot of bar fights. Telling a proud GX-1 owner that it isn't a yacht is a good way to lose your teeth (or help them lose theirs, if one would be so inclined).
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