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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂


[SIZE=9pt]Intent: [/SIZE]To Add A Royal Guard Unit For Roleplays

[SIZE=9pt]Image Credit: [/SIZE]

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[SIZE=9pt]Unit Name: [/SIZE]Wintermoor Royal Guard

[SIZE=9pt]Affiliation: [/SIZE]Count Marlow Venjuta

[SIZE=9pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Guardsmen[/SIZE]


Handheld Energy Shield
Fighting Sickle
Nightsister Energy Bow


[SIZE=9pt]Availability: [/SIZE]Unique

Deployment: Limited

[SIZE=9pt]Strengths & Weaknesses: [/SIZE]

Force Wielders: Each Royal Guard is from the Venjuta Bloodline, marking them as a Vahla -"SanguiniusVampirika[/url] hybrid. Therefore they have the ability to wield the Force, however, those wishing to serve in the Royal Guard are taught only the basics of Force.

Strength And Unity: Due to their vampirika chemical make-up, they have heightened senses of hearing, smelling, death perception, and night vision. Every one of these species also possess increased strength, agility, speed, endurance, durability, and reflexes. This makes them a formidable force to deal with when they work as a cohesive unit.

No Armor Special Abilities: The armor they wear (see above) offers no protection against any weapon outside of a few glancing blows from non-lightsaber melee weapons. Blasters, even the weakest gun, can literally punch holes into the armor. The armor is more or less ceremonial.

Armor Burden: Despite the physical advantages granted to them through their vampirika species, the armor is overly heavy and cumbersome, with the helmet focusing the wearer only a line-of-sight view, negating any peripheral vision. To see side from side, they have to turn their head in that respected direction.

Limited Training: Despite everything affronted to them as a hybrid, they have limited training with the weapons they carry; thus limited training to handle more equipped and better trained oppositions.


From the founding of the House Venjuta, the ruling head of the entire Venjuta Bloodline, these royal guards have served numerous Counts over thousand of years; some even in the guardsmen reaching elder status. However, their status as an elder is not recognized due to their choosing to serve in the guard rather than the entire Bloodline. They are the most loyal of all the Venjuta, taking an oath to sacrifice their lives not just for the Count, but for any Venjuta within Wintermoor Castle. Because of the sacrifices they have made, when one guardsmen dies he is buried in the Noble's graveyard; and their names added to archives as an Elder (if they have reached that status before death).

They are a force to fear in fights in lieu of limited training, utilizing the shield wall technique to protect one another, and to strike at the enemy as a singular entity. The reason for this tactic is to offset the armor they wear, which is just for looks rather than protection; and to help alleviate the burden of movement. When not in the shield wall, and are utilizing their Nightsister energy bows, gifts given to the guardsmen as a token of friendship between the Green Mystic Clan (Dathomir Nightsisters) and the Venjuta, they utilize what they call a screen and shot tactic. A group of guardsmen rest on one knee, raising their shields high enough to screen the bowman from the enemy, giving the bowman the opportunity to fire in any direction robbing the enemy of incoming shot directions.

With the ability to command the Force, taught only the basics of Force usage, their weapons training is limited. They know how to use their weapons, but against better trained enemies they are easily routed; though they will never see real combat (battles). They are not designed to face overwhelming forces, but to guard and protect Wintermoor Castle and those inside. So the need for excellent training is pointless; considering many of the Venjuta are trained in combat and heavy knowledge of the Force.
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