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Approved Tech Guardian System

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  • Manufacturer: RMIA
  • Model: De-Ionizer
  • Affiliation: Open Market
  • Modularity: It can look different, be tucked away, or be totally an integral part of their armor sub. Honestly I intend for people to tuck this into their armor as add-on to it.
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, electronic and chemical components
  • Classification: Armor upgrade
  • Weight: Negligible
  • Quality:
    Ballistic: 0
    Lightsaber: 0
    Blades: 0
    Blaster: 4
    Ion: 4

  • De-Ionizer
  • EMP neutralizer/reducer
  • Armor add-on
  • Counter-detective
  • Distortion Field
  • Individual Field Disruptor
  • De-Ionizer: Much like the bare-bones sub, this is used to counter-act the effects of Ion-based weapons. For pretty small things, this will totally negate it. For things that are pretty huge, it would reduce the effects, but clearly couldn't totally take it all out.
  • EMP: Much like a Faraday cage, this just neutralizes the effects of EMPs/most EMPs. If it doesn't totally neutralize it, then this would negate it mostly. That means while the armor wouldn't be down for ever, it would be reduced in its down time.
  • Distortion Field: All this does really is provides a level of privacy, the user and someone close by, as in those within a 5 foot radius cannot be electronically recorded. They can be heard, seen, and all that just not recorded audibly.
  • Counter-detective: This pretty simply scans for active sensors and alerts the user for them.
  • Individual Field disruptor: An energy thing surrounds the user and helps them bypass energy shields like ray shields or what have you to get around them. Be careful to not touch the user when active, it gives a nasty shock.

  • Upgrade: This thing is really an add-on to your armor. It is easily added into existing armors that are modular and is the perfect way to make your next armor better than the one you had before.
  • The size of a southern belt buckle: This thing is pretty small for all the tech its packing it, that means using it has never been easier! Just plug this baby into your combat harness and she is good to go.
  • User friendly: In the heat of combat, no one has time to flip switches, or be distracted, this upgrade is as easy to use as blinking when it integrates strait into your HUD controls.
Weaknesses :
  • Swiss Army knife: Just like the great multi-tool in the real world, this one cannot do its multiple functions all at once. At max it runs two of these things at once, if at high out-put for either of them, like the Combat de-ionizer and the Field disruptor for example, are both running at max capacity, one is going to shut off.
  • External power source: This thing runs on an external power source. Now that isn't too bad since it is supposed to integrate into armor, however that limits the type of armor it can be added onto. Any armor lacking a power source cannot have this in their unit.
  • Blow Out: The great part of this unit is you put a lot of miscelanious stuff into something that easily fits on your belt. The bad part is if it overloads because of one function, there is no redundancy to back up the others. Also, it is cheaper to buy a second than to fix one.
There counter-effects of armor on the strains of combat in the galaxy are legion. For many the technology that is readily available and old are within reach, but they fail to use them for one purpose: a lack of knowledge. At RMIA the developers and users are all about making the galaxy a better place through advancing military might to the next level.

To this end, the Guardian System was created. By compiling a series of counter-measures the Guardian system looks to make the users of the galaxy not only more combat-effective but more combat aware. With the defensive measures of the blast sink and the combat de-ionizer the user can know they are going into war more likely to come out alive than they were before they used it. With the counter-detective, the user can know who and what is watching them from where. With the Field disruptor, an added layer of combat-effectiveness and security is allowed. The savvy warrior adds this to their armory and goes forth using it to its maximum capacity.
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