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Approved Tech Guardian Recon Droid

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Captain Larraq


Credit: Hazzard65
Intent: To create a quick and mobile battle droid capable of operating in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Development Thread: NA
Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics
Model: SSM-12 MkIII Guardian Recon Droid
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: Limited
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Duraplast, other materials.

While the stock model of this battle droid comes equipped with two Heavy Blasters, the droid is designed with modular ports on either arm. These ports can be used to replace the stock weaponry for larger or more versatile weapons. Designed from the ground up as a light reconnaissance droid, the SSM-12 MkIII quickly became a success when prototypes were recorded moving at 48Km/hour over clear terrain and 24Km/hour over rough terrain. Equipped with a wide range of sensors and 200 degree visibility, as well as two heavy weapons, the Guardian excels at long patrols through broken terrain where it can expect to be the only unit available to deal with a potential thread. Though many commanders proffer to take advantage of the droids large weapon mounts rather than its speed an maneuverability. These commanders often use the Guardian Recon Droid as a fire support platform instead of its intended purpose.

Moderately dumb by droid standards, the Guardian comes with four settings. Safe, Hazard, Guard, and Recon. In safe mode, the user inputs images of specific targets the droid is to consider hostile. Should it encounter any target other than those specifically designated as hostile, it will not engage and will ignore the target. However, while in Safe setting, the droid will communicate with its home base and request instructions every time it encounters a creature that it cannot identify or is behaving hostile. In Hazard setting, the user inputs images of specific targets the droid is to consider friendly. While in Hazard setting, the droid will then engage any creature or target that is not on its list of friendly targets. The Guard setting is very similar to the Hazard setting. In the Guard setting, the droid will follow a specific group of soldiers and fire upon any target that engages or is engaged by the soldiers and will only accept commands from those soldiers. In the event that all soldiers in the group are killed in action, the droid will contact base via its internal communicator and request new orders. In Recon setting, the droid will explore or patrol an area, as ordered, and will take every effort to conceal itself and avoid detection. Should it encounter an object or target that it considers noteworthy, it will communicate with base and send images of what it has encountered.

Classification: Class Four Battle Droid
Weight: 4536kg
Height: 3.5 meters
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: Variable

Misc. Equipment:
  • Sound and Particulate Sensor System
  • Variable Spectrum Optics
  • Long Range Internal Communicator
  • Two Interchangeable Heavy Weapon Mounts
Available Weapon Options
  • Anti-Vehicle Concussion Missile Launcher (750 meter range) (6 missiles)
  • Anti-Infantry Cluster Missile Launcher (450 meter range) (12 missiles)
  • Flak Cannon (750 meter range)
  • Gatling Slugthrower (350 meter range)
  • Mass Driver Cannon (1,000 meter range)
  • Heavy Laser (800 meter range)
  • Heavy Blaster (400 meter range)
  • Heavy Flamethrower (12 meter range)

Captain Larraq

@[member="Darth Arcis"]

I glanced at some of the approved weapons and tried to base the ranges of the weapons on what was available already. I had intended to leave the specific weapon options vague, so that individual owners could equip weapons available to their faction onto the droid. But hopefully this works a little better.
Also, I tracked down the artist for the image.
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