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Grisham Martyr

Grisham Martyr


NAME: Grisham Martyr
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Jedi
AGE: 21
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White



+ Communication: Grisham is a skilled negotiator and can deliver rallying speeches.
+ Force Connection: If tapped and trained appropriately, Grisham's control of the force could be most impressive
= Temperance: Grisham is patient and maintains composure in nearly any situation.
= Compassion: Grisham holds his morals incredibly high, and is guided often by his compassion for better or worse.
= Loyalty: His heart lies with the Jedi Order.
- Morality: A blessing and a curse, Grisham will never voluntarily act against his morality.
- Melee Skill: It is not absent, but a craft Grisham prefers to leave unused.
- Trusting: Naive is a harsh accusation, but Grisham attempts to see the good in everyone.
- Emotion: His compassion could be argued to sway his judgement in many situations. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the ideals of stripping one's self of emotion conflicts with his personality.

Grisham possesses a rugged but friendly face. A smile rest on his lips most of the time, and there is a soft kindness to his eyes. He wears his hair loose and to his shoulders. A cotton undershirt can be seen beneath the leather tunic he often wears, but of course most of the time he dons the brown robes accustomed to Jedi. Dark brown trousers can be seen tucked into his boots. The boots are secured by two buckles on each. A pendant, the gift from his mother, dangles from his neck at all times.

Grisham Martyr was born to a Republic pilot and his wife in a station on Coruscant, and so life began anew for the child. Born and raised under a Republic roof Grisham obtained a quick admiration for the Jedi Order, and his force sensitivity became known at a very early age. His parents expressed the importance of compassion and similar virtues to the child as he was "destined for greatness." Grisham father was killed in a dominion mission early into his life. He was to young be affected, but it devastated his mother. She was weary to hand Grisham to the temple, but knew it would be the best place for her son to flourish. Tying a gift from his father to her around his neck she kissed his brow and sent him on his way.

Grisham, despite how close his mother lived, dd not see her for many years into his training. Temperance was drilled into his head vigilantly, and he was eager to accept the lessons. Clinging to every word in the lessons, Grisham learned every lesson the Temple could teach. He made every attempt to build a life around the core values of the Jedi Code and he was quite successful.




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