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Grievous Decisions


High Marshal of the Mara Armada

The past few hours kept on playing over and over in Decious' head like a hallucination as he sat at the cockpit of the shuttle he stole. He didn't even know how to fly, he didn't know what he was doing. All of the flashing lights and beeping instruments intimidated him, he'd love to find the autopilot but even that proved to be quite a challenge. The shuttle swerved up and down, left as right as Decious tried to figure out how it all worked. Once he finally got things stable, he moved away from the controls as to not accidentally bump into something. Decious let out a sigh as he tried to decide what he was going to do next. He was in a ship capable of going to hyperspace but no idea how to use it, it was like the whole galaxy was sitting right in front of him, but he couldn't reach it. Besides, even if he could go far far away, where would he go? What would he do? He barely had a basic education because he was kicked out of school so often. He wanted to go into the imperial academy but the empire crumbled before he got the chance. Not that his father ever would have let him go anyway. Now the alternative was the First Order, even the thought made Decious chuckle a little. "Just a bunch of wannabes." He said to himself as he gazed out to the stars in front of him.

His fun was soon interrupted, however, when all of a sudden one of the lights started flashing bright red and a loud klaxon began filling the shuttle with its ear piercing siren. "What the.." again, he was interrupted, this time by an explosion as one of the shuttles engines sputtered and finally blew out. The shuttle rocked back and forth a little, almost knocking Decious out of his seat as he frantically tried to stabilize the ship. When he stole it, he didn't exactly stop to check how old it was and now he was wishing that he had. The shuttle was set to be scrapped next week and had been marked as unflyable due to engine complications. Realizing he had to land somewhere, Decious started scanning for nearby planets. His first hit was a planet in the Vassek system and Decious quickly headed in that direction.

The ship entered the planets atmosphere at the same moment when the other engine gave out. The shuttle now started defending even faster as the cockpit filled with a wide array of warnings and sirens as the shuttle tried to alert Decious to every situation simultaneously. As the ship fell, Decious scrambled to maneuver it to a rather conveniently placed cliff sticking out of a canyon. The shuttle came down with a crash, sending sparks into the air, a small fire igniting in the back of the shuttle. Wasting no time, Decious shattered the bee port and hopped out, doin a roll as he hit the ground. Moments after he stood up, the shuttle burst into flames. "Just wonderful. Now instead of being trapped in space, I'm trapped on this lifeless rock." He said as he looked around, the fog making it hard to see anything.

Figuring he should find shelter before it got too dark out, he wondered around for a little until he ran into what he assumed was a door. He looked it up and down and tried to figure out what the intricate designs meant. He reached out to touch one of the designs but the panel moved with his hand and pushed into the door causing both the large doors to creak open. The sound of rocks sliding and rubbing against each other was very distinct as Decious watched the doors open. When they finished, an eerie silence filled the air. It took him a minute to convince himself to enter the cave, or whatever it was. As Decious entered, he could feel the cold air hit him, distinctly colder than the air outside. If Decious had to take a guess, he'd say this place had been empty for at least a hundred years, and he could only imagine what might lie ahead.


High Marshal of the Mara Armada
As Decious walked through the dark halls, he got a whiff what he could only describe as rotting flesh, or already rotted flesh. He later found out why as he passed over several corpses laying on the floor off to the side. He shivered at the thought of what might've caused their untimely demise. Trying not to dwell on the thought, Decious continued to walk forward. Eventually he came to a door to his left, he took a step towards it and it slid open. With a clenched fist, ready for the worst, Decious started to enter the room. Once inside the door closed behind him with a slam. He turned around and started pushing on the door, trying to get it to open again but his struggle was in vain. Eventually he gave up and turned around surveying the room. It was noticeably brighter than the hallway he just came from and throughout the room there were lit tables, each containing a few cylinder shaped objects on top of them. As Decious walked closer, he noticed that each one was different and unique in its own way. There were at least a hundred of these things around the room. Decious walked through the gallery of what he could only assume were some sort of trophies. Eventually he came to one of these cylinders that were perched on a pedestal unlike the others and this one had a plaque that read; "Sifo Dyas".

He examined the plaque for a minute, trying to decipher what it could possibly mean. It was probably some Alain language native to the person that lived here. He picked up the cylinder and examined it for a minute. He noticed a button close to the top of the cylinder and decided to press it. As soon as he did, the room was filled with a buzz and the cylinder vibrated to life as a bright blue burst of energy ignited from the cylinder, keeping up a constant humming noise as the blade pierced the room. "Woah!" He waved the blade around a few times and listened as the hum changed with the movements as he swung the blade around. This must have been one of those lightsabers that he's heard about before. He never thought they were real, just a myth but here he was, in a room filled with them. He pushed the button again and the blade hummed off. What could one person possibly need all these lightsabers for? Decious shrugged away thought, figuring it wasn't important at the time.

Decious clipped the lightsaber to his belt and kept walking, finding an opening in the back of the room. He walked through it and entered a similar room to the room he just left. Only instead of being filled with lightsabers, this one was filled with statues depicting a strange warrior. As the statutes progressed, the worrier appeared to become more and more machanical until one statue at the end of the room appeared to be a figure he thought he's seen before in his history studies. He wasn't positive but it definitely looked familiar. The figure was gold and depicted the warrior standing with two prosthetic arms on top of his two regular arms that were now also machanical. And his face almost resembled that of a skull almost. His feet had practically been turned into machanical talons. Beside each statue was a small braid that Decious assumed was symbolic of something. He decided to press on and headed to the nearest door leading back to the main hallway.

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