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Grievous Decisions


High Marshal of the Mara Armada
The past few hours kept on playing over and over in Decious' head like a hallucination as he sat at the cockpit of the shuttle he stole. He didn't even know how to fly, he didn't know what he was doing. All of the flashing lights and beeping instruments intimidated him, he'd love to find the autopilot but even that proved to be quite a challenge. The shuttle swerved up and down, left as right as Decious tried to figure out how it all worked. Once he finally got things stable, he moved away from the controls as to not accidentally bump into something. Decious let out a sigh as he tried to decide what he was going to do next. He was in a ship capable of going to hyperspace but no idea how to use it, it was like the whole galaxy was sitting right in front of him, but he couldn't reach it. Besides, even if he could go far far away, where would he go? What would he do? He barely had a basic education because he was kicked out of school so often. He wanted to go into the imperial academy but the empire crumbled before he got the chance. Not that his father ever would have let him go anyway. Now the alternative was the First Order, even the thought made Decious chuckle a little. "Just a bunch of wannabes." He said to himself as he gazed out to the stars in front of him.

His fun was soon interrupted, however, when all of a sudden one of the lights started flashing bright red and a loud klaxon began filling the shuttle with its ear piercing siren. "What the.." again, he was interrupted, this time by an explosion as one of the shuttles engines sputtered and finally blew out. The shuttle rocked back and forth a little, almost knocking Decious out of his seat as he frantically tried to stabilize the ship. When he stole it, he didn't exactly stop to check how old it was and now he was wishing that he had. The shuttle was set to be scrapped next week and had been marked as unflyable due to engine complications. Realizing he had to land somewhere, Decious started scanning for nearby planets. His first hit was a planet in the Vassek system and Decious quickly headed in that direction.

The ship entered the planets atmosphere at the same moment when the other engine gave out. The shuttle now started defending even faster as the cockpit filled with a wide array of warnings and sirens as the shuttle tried to alert Decious to every situation simultaneously. As the ship fell, Decious scrambled to maneuver it to a rather conveniently placed cliff sticking out of a canyon. The shuttle came down with a crash, sending sparks into the air, a small fire igniting in the back of the shuttle. Wasting no time, Decious shattered the bee port and hopped out, doin a roll as he hit the ground. Moments after he stood up, the shuttle burst into flames. "Just wonderful. Now instead of being trapped in space, I'm trapped on this lifeless rock." He said as he looked around, the fog making it hard to see anything. Seeing no other option, Decious decided to start walking around.

Eventually he came to a large door that appeared to be carved into the wall. It was an elaborate door with engravings all over it. Decious let out his hand and touched the door, causing it to tremble and creek as it slowly opened, clearly having not been used in several years. The noises coming from the door as it opened were similar to the sounds of bones cracking as the rocks smashed and rubbed against each other. Slightly intimidated, Decious gulped and took a step forward, entering the lair which was significantly colder than the world around it. A shiver ran through Decious as he slowly walked through the dark corridors, barely able to see.

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