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Approved Tech Greivex Hive-Mind Actuator

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  • Manufacturer: Greivex Construction Hive
  • Model: Hive-Mind Actuator Model A
  • Affiliation: Veryiana Greivex
  • Modularity: No, Definitely not
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Tauril Genetic Material, Misc. Genetic Material, Durasteel

  • Control over the Greivex Hive-Mind
  • Indirect Control over the Greivex Construction Hive's Bio-Factories.


When an individual fuses with the Actuator, it gives them direct control over the entirety of the Greivex Hive-Mind.. of course, they'd have to fool it into believing they were Veryiana Greivex.

The Machine is linked telepathically to Veryiana Greivex, allowing her to give it basic instructions such as 'Gain more Specimens' and then it would send drones out to obtain more specimens, another example would be 'Create Drones' where it would take specimens, and using Greivex Worms, induct them into the hive-mind.


Will Of The Mind: The Machine controls the entire Greivex Hive-Mind, giving who ever is in it at the time incredible power. (it's the same as taking direct control over a droid army)

Mostly EMP Resistant: Seeing as the Actuator is mostly organs, it can do it's primary duty even if all power is cut off from it. However, it gains it's energy from implants, and using an EMP you could destroy it's data-base that keeps the DNA Sequences recorded.. They are recorded elsewhere also, so they'd have to be re-downloaded.

Weaknesses :

Hardwired Immobility: The Machine is completely hardwired into a secret underground location on Geonosis, constructed by the Greivex Construction Hive, making it incapable of being moved anywhere else. An Entirely new machine would have to be grown, and then built in case this one is destroyed. And the time it takes to grow one of these is around a month, plus a week to add on the appropriate mechanical pieces and casing. In that time, any and all forces it controlled would wither away and die, leaving the Greivex Construction Hive in almost complete ruin.

Death by Puncture: The Greivex Hive-Mind Actuator can be killed.. if you can puncture Durasteel

Hackable: If anyone else entered the machine who knew mind control, they could control Veryiana's hive.


The Greivex Hive-Mind Actuator is a genius concept created by Veryiana Greivex. Allowing her to control vast armies, and while she's away on personal matters, runs the inner workings of her company for her using basic intelligence and programming to know how to create drones, how to grow specific Bio-Droids who's DNA combinations are recorded in it's data-banks, and it alerts her of new contracts sent to the corporation for her to go deal with. It also runs the machinery such as defense systems, and the machine that add the cybernetic implants to the Bio-Drones.

How it gives Veryiana complete control is by fusing it's consciousness with her's as viewed in the picture. She connects her wires to it and it pushes it's own consciousness into the background, giving her complete control, the process for integrating only takes a few minutes, but to leave the fused state takes nearly an hour as it has to be careful not to damage any of her precious wiring and internal organic or mechanic mechanisms. This leaves her incredibly vulnerable during that time, and the machine usually has a few guards standing nearby encase she is attacked.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
[member="Veryiana Greivex"]

Can this short out with EMP? Can it be sliced? Can it be mentally controlled by someone else who is also powerful in mental control?


EMP? No. As most of it's parts are Cybernetic. You could wipe out it's internal databases for DNA Sequence records and you could wipe out the wiring that constantly gives it energy so it doesn't have to eat, but it's main task is based off of Organic components. Sliced? Yea. You could kill it if you could get past the dura-steel outer shell. And yes, if someone else integrated with the machine, and they had mind control, they could control Veryiana's corporation.

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