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Approved Tech Greivex Acklore

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(Acklore Beta)
  • Manufacturer: G.C.H.
  • Model: AKLR Series 1.
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Material: Durasteel, Rancor DNA, Acklay DNA, Droid Components
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Betas: 70kg Alphas 98kg
  • Height: Betas: 1.93m Alphas: 3.43m
  • Movement: Pentapedal
  • Armaments: Gnashing Jaws able to cut through Durasteel with effort
  • Misc. Equipment: N/A
  • Wall Climbing Legs

  • Using Firrerro DNA, the Acklore has incredible regenerative powers, able to heal from almost any blaster wound from 30 minutes of rest, as due to unforeseen effects, the Acklore cannot heal while it is stressed.


What happens when you mix an Acklay with a Rancor, then splice it up with cybernetic enhancements and a chip in it's brain to fully control it? This is what happens, a match made in heaven, well, in reality deep in the labs of the G.C.H. The Acklore is grown in pods of 10, from eggs designed and incubated in G.C.H. Facilities. 9 of the Acklores are Betas, while 1 of them is an Alpha, a much larger and meaner Acklore. The creation of the Alpha was an unforeseen accident, but a welcomed one. These pods are then sold as a group to buyers, and fight together like a pack, vicious and unforgiving.


(Acklore Alpha)


  • Healing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Organic Fluidness: They think and move fluidly, unlike clanky jerky droids.


  • Hunger: They gotta eat! So you keep paying for them after you buy them
  • Friendly Fire: Tend to eat allied soldiers by accident once and a while.
  • Kinda big and rowdy: They're hard to transport.
[member="Greivex Construction Hive"] [member="Felix Hardy"]

Greivex Construction Hive said:
Nanites in the creature's blood stream make it heal much faster than the average organism, allowing it to heal a blaster wound in 30 minutes if out of combat, stress and adrenaline mess with the nanites.
Nanotechnology is banned.

All wording and mention of nanites/nanotech has to be removed from this submission and replaced with other means of creation.


[member="Jamie Pyne"]

Terribly sorry! I should've re-read the banned item list >_<

But either way, the appropriate changes have been made.
[member="Greivex Construction Hive"]

The way this submission is written it seems far more like a Codex Species submission than a droid to me. Can you explain why this would not be better suited for the Codex than the Factory? It is using mostly two organic creatures, grown in eggs much like a typical species, and enhanced with cybernetic mutation/modification. It seems to only very vaguely relate to a droid by means of cybernetic control.


[member="Jamie Pyne"]

The reason I'm using this as a Factory sub instead of a Codex sub is it's purpose, and how it would be used in RP and effects it. It's pretty much used identically to a combat droid, stored away until it's needed for combat and then released with someone giving it instructions and then placed back into storage/patroling until it is needed again.

I also submitted it as a factory sub because the Droid Template answers several of the questions that need answering the codex does not answer, such as the fact that it's mass produced, and closed-market.
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