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Gregor Inden/Ahra Marcon (Holy Epic Double Character Sheet, Batman)

Ahra Martrey

Agent Avathar

NAME: Advanced Human Replica Avatar Mark III (AHRA Mk. III), or Ahra Martrey
RANK: Spynet Senior Agent
SPECIES: Advanced Human Replica Droid
AGE: 6 months (appears late twenties)
SEX: None (appears male)
HEIGHT: 2.0 m
WEIGHT: 103 kg
EYES: Varies (default green)
HAIR: Short, dark (shade can vary)
SKIN: Fair edge of tan
FORCE SENSITIVE: No (obviously)


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
(+) Overdrive: As a droid, Ahra has no biological restrictions on his ability. If threatened, he can increase his strength and agility to impossible extremes. This is somewhat hard on his hardware, and can do damage if used too long or too often.
(+) Inorganic: Ahra is a droid. His mental processes work several times faster than most organic species and he can record all visual and audio data around him, though he generally ignores most of what would be beyond human perception unless it's important.
(+) Hardened: Ahra has been EMP hardened, so ion and EMP weapons have little effect on him.
(+) Undetectable: Despite the fact that Ahra is a droid, the combination of synthskin, complex internal systems, and a cooperative Shard crystal lead to his almost complete undiscernability from a standard human, whether by scanners, physical checks, or even Force users.
(+-) Stubborn: A carryover from his former master, Gregor. Ahra will fight to get his way if he sees even the slightest chance.
(+-) Personality Imprint: Rather than a true AI, Ahra's programming is largely a personality imprint of Gregor. This results in a much more human personality than most AIs, with both the good and bad aspects carrying over.
(-) Societal Convention: Although Ahra is a droid, he mantains the illusion of humanity to everyone who is not already in the know, including his employers. As such, he often eats, uses the restroom, uses his datapad as opposed to simply connecting to the Holonet himself, ignores what a human wouldn't see/hear (see Inorganic, above), and does other activities that he otherwise wouldn't do, even when he's alone.
[SIZE=11pt](-)[/SIZE] Imperfect Imitation: Ahra was designed as an occasionally-controlled avatar for a rich businessman. His personality programming occasionally contradicts itself, and can cause trouble on occasion.
(-) Nothing to Lose: Ahra is a droid and knows it. While his self-preservation programming is firmly in place, he is fully aware that he is disposable.
(--) Assuming Direct Control: While very, very unlikely, it is possible that someone could use Gregor's former position and assume control over Ahra. If this were to happen, Ahra would be unable to break the control the first time, though he might possibly be able to resist once he is aware that such an attack is possible.

Ahra looks exactly like a human male. He is tallish, with closely cropped hair and eyes that can change color. He is buff, tan, and all-around good looking.

Ahra was created specifically to be Gregor's avatar. His past life is nothing but being assembled and introduced to his master. He has spent enough time with Gregor as an independent droid to understand how his master thinks, and is fully aware of his purpose. When not under the direct control of Gregor, he puts up his own imitation; only those intimately familiar with both the septilionaire and the droid would be able to notice the difference.
Martrey was developed by Gregor while the Mark I (Marcon) was still in use. Martrey built upon several of Marcon's shortcomings, including EMP hardening and a Shard crystal to fool Force Users. (Factory Sub for Mk. 3))

Marcon (under control of Gregor, who had dreams of becoming the next Jond Bames) joined the Spynet while it was in its early stages. He dropped off the grid for a while, but Martrey rejoined and currently holds the rank of Senior Agent. He has direct access to both the BlackNet and GreyNet for instant Spynet communication, as well as the JACKAL slicing code.

Stilleto Weapons Platform x2 (concealed)
Ionic Neural Pacifier
Vibrodagger (concealed in wrist)
Q Micro Turret x2 (one ceiling vent, one access terminal)
Repair Kit - Ahra is proficient at maintaining both himself and his ship.
Spydor x4 (2 with poison, 2 without)

Laser Microphone
Spectre-1 2 small vials, 6 dissolveable tasteless pills, 1 needle launcher (2 shots).

Personal datapad. Though essentially redundant, given his droid nature, he carries this for easy interfacing and social situations. It is extremely heavily encrypted, to the point that he isn't sure even he could crack it if he wasn't the admin. He is connected with it wirelessly. Carries JACKAL code for slicing capabilites comparable to that of a much larger, more powerful machine. Connected to the Spynet GreyNet but not the BlackNet.
QSSA stick-on firewall x2. Spynet version carries military-grade protection.
Q3 Tracker (x1, because they're so bloody expensive)
QH1 Spynet Disguise Matrix (rarely used)

The Starglow, a modified Espada-class transport. The interior of the ship has been converted from the standard troop-transport to accommodate top-of-the-line sensor arrays and electronic warfare suites, allowing a skilled user (such as Ahra's Hawkeye, Alec) to establish and maintain surveillance and even remote control of a target's security and defenses. A copy of Ahra's programming runs through the ship's main computer, allowing it to respond to cyberthreats, activate the ship's own defenses, and, if necessary, take control of the helm or weapons systems.

None (yet!)

None, so far....


The Hunt for the Black Dawn (unfinished Old Spynet mission)
Operation: Black Hawk Down["/url] (unfinished Old Spynet training mission)
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Domination of Tatooine[/FONT][/SIZE]
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NAME: Gregor Inden (presumed deceased)
RANK: Septillionaire
AGE: 94
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.1 m (1.2 m sitting)
WEIGHT: 70 kg
EYES: Smoky blue
HAIR: White and wispy
SKIN: Pale


(+) Clever: "A fool and his money are soon parted" - and Gregor has been rich all his life. He is a keen business man, and can read people even if not seeing them in person.
(+-) Stubborn: Having been rich and well-loved most of his life, Gregor is unused to being refused and doesn't take it lightly. He will fight to get his way if he sees even the slightest chance.
(-)Crippled: Despite having access to the most advanced medical technology in the galaxy, Gregor is confined to a hoverchair.

Once, Gregor was tall and handsome. Now, he is confined to a hoverchair and age is taking a heavy toll on him. The fact that he is immensely wealthy helps some look past that (or at least pretend to), but he himself is fully aware of it and often jokes (sometimes bitterly) of it in the presence of company.

Gregor was "born" to a single Coruscanti businessman. He never knew who his mother was (or, more accurately, where his maternal genetics came from). He was raised as an heir, and was always with some group of friends of questionable repute.
In the last years before his father died, he took Gregor aside and taught him the ways of business. Though he was initially upset about being forced to work, Gregor took to the business world like a Mon Cal to water and actually made his father quite proud before his death. He assembled vast wealth, marrying a Zeltron woman named Zeka in their mid thirties. Unfortunately, she was unable to have children, and committed suicide after only five years, believing that with that information he would set her aside for another woman. Gregor, who had truly loved her, never remarried and decided against the route his father had taken.
Time passed, and only saw Gregor getting more and more rich and more and more miserable. He was targeted in an assassination attempt (part of a competitor's plan of ruining his corporation), and though he survived, he lost the use of his legs. For some reason that doctors across the galaxy are still studying, his body rejected all cybernetics - repeated attempts to fit him with a new pair of legs nearly killed him. While being shown other options, he became interested in virtually controlled droids. This sparked a longing for adventure in the old man, and he ordered a human replica droid of combat quality. The droid was his avatar - he enters a virtual reality type simulation and controls the droid via his own private HoloNet.
Post RP stuff:
When half the population of the galaxy disappeared, Gregor vanished with them. He never returned from the Netherworld (or if he did, he was unable to establish contact and has continued to be unable to do so). His company has been floundering without his leadership, and Ahra has been operating independently for months. For Ahra, this means that his formerly nearly infinite supply of credits suddenly has a cap, and may decrease even yet. The team of researchers, engineers, and programmers who developed him are still accessible, but not necessarily together anymore (thus, any upgrades to Ahra will be delayed until they can be gathered).

Gregor owned a small fleet, but with his passing many ships have been left to his now failing company. Ahra still theoretically has access to several of these ships, but most if not all are stock and a significant downgrade from the Comet.


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I really like your character could you use a brute as your enforcer?