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Greetings, I have arrived.

Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
Well hey!

I'm Cadmon, Dranok's quirky, non-violent little bro. I used to be part of the CIS but they don't suit me at all and I figured you Imperial types know how to do things properly, like to drinking tea with your pinky out.

So yeah, nice to be here. I'm a medic so you'll see me running straight for you feths if you ever get hurt. Just tell me where it hurts, baby.

Glad to be an Atrisian,

Qhorin Solas

Hola, @[member="Cadmon Lussk"]. Welcome to the greatest Empire in a galaxy far, far away. Unlike the other Empires, we don't murder cute puppies and kittens. We nurture them, grow them into monstrous wolves and tigers, and unleash them on a hapless, unsuspecting universe.

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