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RANK: Harbinger of the Architects.
SPECIES: 75% Rattataki, with hints of human and Miralukan

AGE: Twenty-Three years of age my good madam and/or man.
SEX: He's a woman. Can't you see that extravagant chest? (Man.)
HEIGHT: 6'0, not too shabby.


EYES: Bluish Gray

HAIR: A handsome, full head of baldness.

SKIN: Chalk White. He does well at the beach.




Stylish as all hell.

Formerly a Historian, Graves knows quite a bit about culture and galactic history.

Talented in his use of the force.

He's a moderately decent shot. To a point.

Very capable at flying most vessels common on the market.


No military training with weapons whatsoever. All his combat skills come from his best pal/sidekick Zeer. More recent training has come from holocrons.

Not very reliable against a stronger opposing force.

He can fight with a blade all day long, but his hand to hand skills are....lacking.

He's a little iffy about killing. Morals suck.

Gravesen is a majestic sea horse, but not really. He stands at average height for his race. Small tribal marking run across his face and across his chest to denote his origins. His eyes are a standard bluish gray. He is well built, not lanky, but not a muscle bound super man either. He is usually dressed in a long hooded trench coat, with a white shirt underneath and brown slacks. (See above picture for accuracy)


Gravesen is a man. Not an extravagent man, not a super human. Just a man. He was born on an unnamed moon to a group of rather tribal Rattataki. His father happened to have a particular dislike for creatures that could not use the force, and as it turned out, everyone thought Gravesen could not use it. The Rattasmacki didn't know he had it himself (not like he needs it) and was banished from the tribe. Doomed to death and general discomfort, as jungles aren't known to have sofas, our young hero opted to lay under a tree, and die. But as fortune would have it, a group of planetary explorers happened upon him. These explorers scooped him up, took him in, and taught him the basic way of the world. From that point on, Gravesen grew very interested in galactic history and the like. The traders eventually regarded him as family, and when he became of age, paid for him to study at a university. Sadly, his luck ran out. Upon an expedition to study the effects of Telos's former history upon the present time of the planet; Telos came under rule of the Sith Empire. Normally, this wouldn't bother Gravesen, he was no warrior, no patriot. He was just a student!--and then, out of plain misfortune, he was arrested for tax evasion; even though he'd never been informed of any tax issues.

His sentence was supposed to be three months. To cut a long story short, Gravesen was forgotten and used as slave labor over a course of three years. In those three years, the young, wide eyed boy met and bonded with one of the prison's most ruthless killers, Zeer Delos. Gravesen worked hard to learn the Ranth's language, and though they started out rough, the two formed a brotherly bond. For the duration of their terms, the two extremely different aliens fought other cellmates, secured arms, and overcame every obstacle that was thrown at them in a bid of survival. It was only from Ranth's criminal knowledge of weapons and procurement that Gravesen survived his first year.

Finally, the day of retribution had come. The Sith Empire fell in broken tatters. Prison security broke down into a bid of chaos as guards went on strike, left to find their families, or went to work quelling the rioters. In the chaos, the duo incapacitated their guards, took their weapons, armor, key-card; and escaped. Now, it's been two months of surviving in the Telosian wilderness, and the two escapees are eager to make their way off-world.

Soon after, a thieving attempt on Bespin was botched to say the very least. Gravesen was abducted by a group of droids called the Architects, and....


This thang right here.

Weapons and such:
Graves has a few toys at his disposal. A DD-12 Blaster Rifle , A CZ-835 Machine Pistol bought from another inmate who had smuggled in a cache. He also possesses the standard Templar armor, and a lightsaber of his own make.

KILLS: [member="Una Gal"]


The Story

And So Another Story Of Heroics, The Force, And Guns Begins: Gravesen and Zeer have both escaped the hold on Telos. They make their way to the docks, hoping to find a ticket offworld...

An Attempt At Theft Gone Horribly Awry: Gravesen and Zeer arrive on Bespin, hoping to steal the crystal of House Organa during a private party. There, they run into issues, and are...separated.

The Harbinger: Gravesen is selected by the Architects to become their latest Harbinger. He heartily agrees, and is transported to Roon in order to negotiate an alliance with the ASA....

Ain't That A Kick In The Head: Arriving on Roon, Gravesen makes the acquaintance of one [member="Una Gal"]. Both stranded in the hostile forests, they must work together to survive, or fall victim to the wildlife...

The Droid Sent Me: Gravesen finally makes it to the capital of Roon. There, he converses with [member="Salem Norongachi"] about a possible alliance with the Architects.

Varanin: Gravesen journeys to Korriban in search of knowledge. By chance, he meets the famed Ashin Varanin, and learns a thing or two about lightsaber combat.

Great Beginnings Start Small: Gravesen seeks out @Subject:Gyossait to recruit him to the ASA...

Into Hell We March: The invasion of Naboo begins. The Architects away from the battlefield to record the happening; while [member="Zeer Delos"] and [member="Una Gal"] accompany Gravesen on the assault below...

I Take It Upon Myself: Gravesen accesses an old Sith holocron, and begins to learn the arts of Battle Meditation. Later, he takes it upon himself to learn the secrets of Niman and Djem So.

Corruption: Gravesen and Una attempt to bring a new world into the fold. This leads them to a long lost Sith Temple, and in exchange for great power and survival, Gravesen pays a terrible price.

Force Powers:

Telekinesis: Proficient
Force Drain: Proficient
Tutaminis: Adept
Force Sense: Adept
Battle Meditation: Adept
Force Speed: Novice
Combustion: Novice
Force Choke: Novice
Force Drain: Novice
Force Jump: Novice
Force Healing: Novice
Purge Poison: Novice
Lightsaber Forms:
Djem So: Proficient
Soresu: Proficient
Shii-Cho: Novice
Makashi: Novice
Niman: Novice