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Grand Opening/First Official Vanguard Thread

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Vanguard News



This will be a Monthly News letter that I will be using to update the faction, and those who look in on the faction of what we are doing. For those of you who are new, You are welcome to introduce yourself in the main OOC Forums, look at our various items.

Currently we are starting out brand new, so we will have a few setup threads being done, as well as threads to introduce new people and characters into the fold IC, if one wishes so.

THIS HERE, is our first faction thread. Anyone may join in and help with either objective. This is our thread to help set up our first base of Operations, as well as provide more story for any who wish to join in the fun.

If you have any questions, you are free to ask, and my PM box is always open, as well is our Discord. Make sure as members that you follow this forum so that should any news come up, You can be notified!

Once more, welcome to the faction, And may the force be with you!
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