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Approved Tech Gramir - Blade of Law

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Like Lightning

  • Intent: Submit a sword for Kalee's use, as well as expand upon the religion of the Moross
  • Image Source: Sif - theDURRRRIAN, Image edited by myself.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer:
    Kalee Bladesworn
  • Myth: Forged by Salee for her sister to use.

[*]Affiliation: Kalee Bladesworn
[*]Model: Gramir - Blade of Law
[*]Modularity: No
Production: Unique


  • Classification: Claymore
  • Size: Large - 150 cm
  • Weight: Average - 2.7 kgs
  • Force Imbued
  • Force Light
  • Forged from Light: The sword was created with the specific purpose of causing damage to dark sided artifacts, creatures, beings, or other Dark sided creations. The sword itself acts as a conduit for Force light, thus should one use the weapon against Dark sided creations or people, it can cause severe damage to them.
  • Within the Force: Force imbued blade. As such, it comes with all the standard Canon effects of nigh indestructible, greater cutting potential compared to other swords, and destroying of Dark sided spirits.
  • Null and Void: Force nullification field reduce this weapon to nothing more than your average sword. It just looks pretty.
  • Pure Light: Forged through Force Light, The weapon acts as a conduit of the ability. It does not replace the power in any shape or form. The sword is just your standard Force imbued blade if the user is not versed in the usage of force light, nor if they can correctly use the weapon. It does not lessen the amount of energy required to use the power mentioned, it allows an easier time to concentrate the ability, and direct it through the sword.
  • Stary Night, and bright lights: As the weapon was forged with Force Light, and the aura's that can typically be found upon force imbued blades, the weapon when held by a force user, it glows very brightly. While this can be used in place of a torch or a flashlight, it prevents the usage on stealth related missions, and draws a whole heck of a lot of attention towards the wielder.
  • Darkside Not: Connected to Light sided powers, Any darksider who attempts to wield it will find themselves in pain from attempting to wield it. While a neutral based person could reasonably use it, it would be more effective in the hands of a Lightsider.
  • Wanted - Force User: The weapon requires a force user to use the Force light abilities. As such, any non-force user will only find the sword a standard Force imbued blade. Thus, no crushing of the dark sided entities.
  • Beacon: Not only does the weapon give off a very bright light, but with the construction of the weapon, it inherently has the presence of a lightsided artifact.
Salee the Shield, Birthed from the desire of the people of the Moross to protect those they loved. She, as patron of the defense of all those she, and others care for, she was aptly named The Shield of Moross. A Shieldmaiden in every right. She defended those who would be otherwise killed, or injured through conflict. However, her sister was not so like minded. Kalee the Sword. A Battlesaint who fought for her people. Making swords sharp, aims stay true, and the strength of men last through ages.

To protect those she loved, Salee crafted herself a shield. One that she might defend all of her people. However, as much as one may need to be the shield, one cannot defend themselves upon their back. Coming to her sister, she proposed to build a weapon that can be a beacon of hope for all who join her in battle. To forge a weapon that can smite the evils of the galaxy, and those who have wronged the Crusades.

However, Salee needed the right materials to do such a task. Setting Kalee out, she fought against the forces that threatened the Morossian people. Bringing back the weapons of the fallen. Kalee was not yet done. Setting out once more, Kalee traveled the galaxy to find the perfect star. Reaching into the star's core, she plucked the very core from the celestial orb. From it came the light and flame from which can forge the blade itself.

Not quite done with the task ahead of her, Kalee set out one last time. Searching for the last piece of the puzzle, she veered off course to find a completely barren planet. Deciding to stop and rest, the planet began to break apart. Showing underneath the crust, a molten metal that when hardened, became a crystal. Mining crystals from the planet, she gathered her arms full of the gems, and returned to Salee.

Finding the items serviceable, the patron of the shield slaved over the anvil. Using the core of a star to heat the blades taken from the fallen enemies, and then putting the core into the blade. Forging the weapon to be used to bring justice to all those who fight against the Moross.
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