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Gotta Crack a Few Eggs

Gilamar Skirata

The most important step is always the next one
[1 Months Prior to Dark Harvest Event]
A Bank in Keldabe

The time had come. least he thought it had. He was taking a gamble now, after all, he might need the money for another project he had anticipated...As he walked towards the bank in the early hours of the morning doubts began to inch their way into his mind. Did the Mandalorians even need two shiny new ships so soon after the Asha'mur? Would there ever be a time when their sheer numbers could win them a fight? But he knew this could not be true. Though they had larger numbers, two of the four largest powers in the Galaxy had some sort of Force using division and the Omega Protectorate, though not with a dedicated...temple or something simlar, seemed to employ a large number of Force users...Each of which equal at least four of their greenest soldiers.

Taking a deep breath he entered the fully droid-run bank. He had the money saved away for a reason...What reason he didn't know...Well that is until a few weeks ago when he started all of this. Within minutes of entering he came back out of the sliding doors and headed straight to MandalMotors...There was work to be done.

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