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Good ol' fashion Jedi Duel

So like stated I would like a duel, but to make it a tid bit more fun, let's make it a 2 vs 2. Me and So-so vs. another two peeps, Preferably Sith knights or masters but it really doesn't matter.

1: At least 1-2 paragraphs; I realize a lot of you are speed rpers >.< But im not, it's hard for me to keep up with what is going on lol.

2: This will be canon; soooooo ya, canon

3: No killing.

4: Dismemberment allowed only if two fighters agree upon it.

5: There will be rounds and posting order. R1 (intro phase): Me, foe, Ally, Foe, Summary R2 (actual fight): Me, foe, ally, foe, Summary. etc.

6: Summary phase is for an unbiased party to reread and judge damage dealt of course judging mastery of powers, use of equipment and etc. This will ensure everyone has a bout and isn't skipped.

7: Have fun

I personally think this is a fun way to battle with an ally you can come up and discuss strategies, maneuvers, to over come enemies and so on. Any takers?
Great! Now now for two more peeps ^-^

I can understand that! Just think of 4 lines of badassry! 1 line of dialogue, and three lines for the actions taken. Thats how i think of it lol.
Hey guys I'll have the thread up soon! Sorry for the delay. If I can't find anyone to judge disregard rule six, we'll have to be honest with injuries and trust that we won't metagame or anything. I doubt it will happen though! But ya i'll tag you all when it's up!
No one needs RPJ's for duels anyways, unless someone does something stupidly metagamed or powergamed. RPJ's dont need to baby our RPs really. They got more important stuff to oversee than a random RP... uh incase this offended anyone somehow sorry.

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