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Good business


Kneel Before Zod
Nar'shadda republic space, dredge would come here one day to kill everyone. But for now he needed to meet a Hutt, he had what he needed. Some ships and some weapons for his holy war against the galaxy. The location was simple, an old outdated space port closed for future renovations. <<If the Hutt tries anything kill him, slowly.>> dredge said in his native tongue as he stood there with his personal escorts. Behind him was an organic ship that would transport the weapons back to their home. They had to arm those awful machines with some sort of weapon, but what that weapon was Popo the Hutt would have to show.

It will be a simple buy, the greedy Hutt can have his money. And dredge would have his price, he wouldn't go to some casino filled with flashing lights and shiny machines. He would burn the place and destroy it. But he was fine here on this horrible planet. @Popo