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Gonna be gone, trying out EVE

I've decided to try Eve Online, i've heard great things about it and am excited to try it out. I may be gone from anywhere to a week to a couple months.

That means that [member="Bill Kenho"], [member="FN-999"], [member="Nam Keeoh"], [member="Nokk Leothan"], [member="Rick Kaloo"], and [member="Echob Krirgo"] will be gone too, as they are my characters. However, Kaloo will be here to reply to his ship submission, and FN-999 may wrap up his roleplays.

It's pretty F2P, but in order to be truly the best player you have to buy some stuff. Not too bad.

Ah well I have a sub. I literally started a month long training que and was going to let it run while playing a filler game while it ran. Then I forgot about it until you posted this thread. oooops :p

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