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Gone Streaking: Incursion at Dagobah [Outer Rim Coalition, ATTN: First Order]

Mara D'Lessio Merrill

The Lesser D'Lessio



Subterren scoutships were a rare breed. Only a dozen or so squadrons of six had ever been made. They took a different approach to scouting than most: no stealth, just speed and really good sensors. As Mara's boat decanted from realspace, she put those capabilities to full use. The scoutships arced toward the fifty-five little moons of Sty, the gas giant on the cold edge of the Dagobah system.

"All ORCers, this is Red Leader. Spread out, scan hard, don't get caught."

She didn't need to repeat the briefing about the strategic context. The Galactic Alliance was collapsing, and Dagobah might be the most dangerous jumpoff point for the First Order, at least from the Coalition's perspective. What the ORC folks found here could have serious implications for the immediate future. Was the First Order focused on the carnage at Lothal? Were they planning to -- or able to -- beef up their presence on the Rimma, maybe threaten Adarlon and Karideph? This mission had the potential to address a lot of question marks, but deep in Mara's gut, she suspected it would create more unknowns than it resolved.

OOC/ ORC folks, feel free to pilot Subterren boats in Red Flight, or bring your own scoutish little ships. No Star Destroyery escalation on our side: this is an in-and-out recon run. What we run into is, of course, up to [member="The Major"] and company -- and no fussing if we spot a fleet. Oh, and remember: the Subterren-class is unarmed.

Mara D'Lessio Merrill

The Lesser D'Lessio
"Red Flight, Red Leader. Check in."

A flurry of hard-to-trace comm chatter came from five points in Sty's complex moon system. The reports confirmed what she'd suspected: all quiet on the eastern front. Sty and its fifty-five moons showed no significant First Order presence.

"All right, folks, time to move insystem. I've spun us up a microjump course for a high orbit above Dagobah. Transmitting nav data now."

The half-dozen scout ships streaked into hyperspace for just a heartbeat. When the starlines cleared, Mara was looking down on a green marble. The heavy scanning equipment roared to life, vibrating its way through the scout boat's hull to get a comprehensive picture of the local situation. It was a safe bet that the First Order kept this planet relatively secure, but the level of that security could speak volumes toward readiness elsewhere.
Allies: [member="Robogeber"] | [member="Tanomas Graf"]
Unidentified foes: [member="Mara Merrill-Valkner"]
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While a few very massive battles had been fought here in the last few months, a fair portion of potential defenses had been otherwise redeployed to other, more vital sectors core-ward as the Galactic Alliance crumbled apart planet by planet. As the ravishing of a once mighty space empire had its walls fall asunder to the pressures of a more rigid society and draconian imperialism, this particular area was given a second rate priority.

That was to say there wasn't a collection of Star Destroyers bristling at maximum alert.

Instead, from the angle of Red Flight's approach, a number of corvettes and an army of engineering craft were busy taking apart the giant husks of broken ships that were destroyed on both sides during the first and second battle of Dagobah. Once mighty vessels were now little more that giant coffins being pried apart for scrap and salvaged where ever possible. This of course was only from that specific angle. There was no telling what dangers could lurk around the blind side of the system, especially if they were arrayed closer to the surface where the demon planet's untamed nature obscured and clouded scanners. This of course cut both in favor and against, and seemingly, the contingent of scout boats went on their mission without warning lights blaring up. Luck may have been on their side as well, for on a few occasions a picket flight of imperial fighters would pass through the space the interlopers had just recently passed.

As the flight performed their microjump, they could no doubt use their scanners to find a number of particular hotspots of activity within the jungle. More determinable evidence of what exactly was happening would require actually piercing the damnable cloud layer. It was risky, but potentially worth the effort if their luck continued to hold out.

Mara D'Lessio Merrill

The Lesser D'Lessio
[member="The Major"]

Incoming fire made itself conspicuous by its absence. So did any serious defensive presence around Dagobah. From this high orbit, with the planet just a murky green marble, the Subterrens could see virtually everything around Dagobah and virtually nothing on the surface.

"Whole lot of nothing, folks," Mara said. "Nothing but loose patrols and salvage ops, unless there's a fleet or a defense grid packed in behind the planet or the little moon for some reason. Five and Six, hold orbit and keep assessing the patrol flights. See if you can figure out where they're based. Three and Four, spin up a microjump and start scoping out the other planets outsystem. Two, you and I are gonna jump past the planet and the moon and take a look at the far side of both."

Four of the Subterrens leaped to hyperspace briefly, two to the outer planets and two to a spot in very high orbit beyond the moon.