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Character Gol Gadonk

"Born" on Dayark, to a Maoi colony that had moved to the planet in the wake of the DarkStryder's discussion multiple centuries ago, Gol has fond memories of living with its kin from the moment it first budded off from its parent when Gil Gadonk had finally consumed enough mass to be able to produce progeny. However, rather than a simple life of oozing about, catching and eating various prey animals, and being hired on by local spacers to squeeze through the hardest-to-reach systems of their craft in order to diagnose certain issues before sending in more expensive and fragile droids to actually fix them, Gol Gadonk always aspired to higher goals.

Gol had a vision. Gol Gadonk wanted to finally start unifying the fractured substates and independent planets of the Kathol Outback into an entity all its own, able to stand up against the various powers drifting through a fractured galaxy.

However, it was difficult to make a move into politics as a simple, amorphous, predatory slime creature with a reputation for being self-serving and crude. Communication was difficult, education was hard to come by, though Gol's colony did everything it could to help this visionary ooze get through college. In time, they even managed to acquire an old astromech droid, having it specially modified to function as a pilotable body for Gol, and then it was off to the races. First, mayor of one of Dayark's cities; later, rising up into the planetary government.

In time, after the fall of the Outer Planets Alliance, Gol Gadonk even arose to the position of President of the Kathol Republic, serving two consecutive terms and vastly improving relations with the Qektoth Confederation and the Pimbrellan League. Afters its second term ended, Gol was kept on as a diplomatic envoy serving the current president, maintaining strong relations even as hostile groups tried to move in to the area, and to enable its continued service Gol was even provided with an upgraded droid body, this time an M2 Astromech, with the transparent upper dome showing Gol's amorphous yellow-orange slime body sloshing around within.

Most recently, at the urging of one of the former ORC/OPA members, Cotan Sar'andor, the three primary states of the Kathol Outback have entered into a mutual defense and trade agreement known as the Rift Pact—and thanks to the work that it did that laid the groundwork for such an agreement ever coming to pass, Gol Gadonk was chosen to serve as Chairperson of the Pact, and has elected to try and establish good relations with the Rimward Trade League to help provide for mutual defense and governance throughout the old ORC/OPA space.
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