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Unreviewed Gloomarians

  • Intent: 2024 Force Rupture Contest Tefka Tefka
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  • Name: Gloomarians
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: The Shadowed Realms of Twilight
  • Average Lifespan: 240 standard years
  • Estimated Population: Rare (A few groups, often limited to the Shadowed Realms of Twilight)
  • Description: The Gloomarians are shadowy, humanoid-like creatures with a slender form and skin that shifts and shimmers like shadows in shades of pale grays to dark blacks. They possess luminescent eyes, typically blue-white or pale violet, and hair that is white, black, or shades of gray. They have pointed ears and two sets of fangs one on the top row one on the bottom row.

  • Breathes: Type I atmosphere (standard oxygen-nitrogen mix)
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Shades of pale grays to dark blacks
  • Hair color: White, black, or shades of gray
  • Distinctions: The Gloomarians have large eyes that glow in luminescent hues, sharpened ear tips, and fangs on both the top and bottom. They possess unusually sharp senses and can blend seamlessly into shadows, becoming nearly invisible. Their skin appears to shift and shimmer like shadows, giving them a ghostly and ethereal appearance. They are greatly resistant to the oppressive and corrupting effects of the Shadowed Realms, allowing them to thrive in an environment that would overwhelm most other species.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: High (Many of its members are sensitive to the Force)

  • Shadow Blending: Gloomarians can blend seamlessly into shadows, becoming nearly invisible and enhancing their stealth abilities.

  • Dark Side Affinity: They have a natural affinity for dark side Force powers, allowing them to manipulate shadow energy, create illusions, enhance their stealth, play mind tricks, or create defensive barriers.

  • Resistance to the Shadow Realm: Gloomarians are greatly resistant to the oppressive and corrupting effects of the Shadowed Realms, allowing them to thrive in an environment that would overwhelm most other species. Because of this they are near immune to mind trick.

  • Shadow Step Affinity: They have an affinity to Shadow Stepping.

Shadow Stepping

Description: Shadow Stepping is a technique that allows users to traverse the transplanar space between the Shadowed Realms of Twilight and real space. This technique effectively creates portals between shadows, enabling individuals to move instantaneously from one location to another.

Appearance: When performing Shadow Stepping, an individual appears to step into one shadow, disappearing into the darkness, and re-emerges from another shadow at their destination. The transition is smooth and almost instantaneous, with a brief ripple effect in the shadows.

Mechanics and Limitations:

  • Distance: The maximum initial distance that can be traveled using Shadow Stepping is 100 feet (30 meters) per use. This range increases with the user's experience and mastery of the technique.

  • Shadow Signatures: Shadows have unique signatures called shadow signatures, which connect them to the Shadowed Realms. These signatures are akin to how people and living entities have unique Force signatures. Users must be able to 'see' or feel these shadow signatures through the Force to utilize them effectively.

  • Line of Sight and Feeling Shadows: The user must have a clear line of sight to their destination shadow or be able to sense its shadow signature through the Force. If the destination shadow is obscured, blocked, or too weak in its signature, Shadow Stepping cannot be performed.

  • Frequency: Shadow Stepping can be used a limited number of times per day. Novices can typically manage up to three steps per day. More experienced individuals may increase this number with practice and conditioning.

  • Novice Experience: For novices, Shadow Stepping can be a disorienting and nauseating experience. With training and practice, they can become accustomed to the technique and reduce these effects.

  • Carrying Others: A user can take one other being with them through a Shadow Step, but only one at a time. The additional being must be in direct contact with the user.

  • Shadow Size: Darker, larger shadows work better for Shadow Stepping. The shadows must be at least the size of half the person's body to use them as portals.

  • Environment: Shadow Stepping is dependent on the presence of shadows in real space. In brightly lit environments with no shadows, the technique cannot be used. In areas of complete darkness, the user must still identify distinct shadows with clear shadow signatures to navigate effectively.

  • Safety: Attempting to Shadow Step through unknown or unstable shadows, such as those in dangerous or chaotic areas of the Shadowed Realms, poses a risk to the user. Missteps can result in disorientation, injury, or being temporarily trapped between dimensions.
Shadowed Realms Usage:
  • Within the Shadowed Realms, Shadow Stepping can be used more freely and behaves much like a blink or teleportation. The entire environment is inherently connected to the shadow signatures, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize Shadow Stepping without the same restrictions found in real space. In this realm, users can move effortlessly from shadow to shadow, with the transition appearing almost instantaneous and seamless.
Learning Process:

  • Attunement: To learn Shadow Stepping, one must first become attuned to the Shadowed Realms. This involves a deep connection to the Force and the ability to sense and interpret shadow signatures.

  • Initial Guidance: Novices must be carried through the portal by someone experienced in Shadow Stepping for their first few attempts. This ensures safety and helps the novice understand the sensation and mechanics of the technique.

  • Proper Instruction: It is highly advised to learn Shadow Stepping with a proper teacher. Incorrect use of the technique can have deadly effects, including becoming trapped between dimensions or severe disorientation and injury.

  • Training Process: The training process is rigorous, involving both mental and physical conditioning. Non-members who learn this technique must practice extensively to overcome the initial disorientation and nausea associated with Shadow Stepping.

  • Restrictions: While non-members can learn Shadow Stepping, they typically cannot achieve the same level of mastery and distance as those with a natural affinity due to their innate connection to the Shadowed Realms.
This powerful ability is a key asset for those who have mastered it, allowing for rapid movement, stealth, and strategic advantages. However, its limitations require careful use and mastery to avoid potential risks.

- Light Sensitivity: Gloomarians are highly sensitive to bright light, which can disorient and weaken them.

  • Diet: Omnivore. Gloomarians consume a variety of foods found within the Shadowed Realms, including shadowy plants and small creatures that inhabit the realm. They can also consume standard galactic foods when available.

  • Communication: Gloomarians communicate through a combination of spoken language and telepathy.

  • Technology level: Gloomarians possess a technology level similar to the galactic standard but with unique adaptations to their shadowy environment.

  • Religion/Beliefs: Gloomarians have a deep reverence for the balance between light and dark, believing in the duality of the Force. They practice rituals that honor both aspects, seeking harmony within themselves and their environment.

  • General behavior: Gloomarians value community and secrecy, living in tight-knit groups within the Shadowed Realms. They are skilled hunters, and stealth specialists. They raise their young with a strong emphasis on tradition and the mastery of shadow manipulation. Gloomarians are nocturnal, thriving in the perpetual twilight of their home, and often engage in covert activities, such as espionage and sabotage, when interacting with the wider galaxy.

The Gloomarians are an ancient race, their origins entwined with the creation of the Shadowed Realms of Twilight. Formed from the convergence of dark side energies during a massive conflict, the Gloomarians' ancestors took refuge in the Shadowed Realms of Twilight and have adapted to their shadowy environment over millennia. They have survived numerous cataclysms, including the Gulag Plague and the 400 years of darkness, which have further shaped their unique abilities and culture.
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