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Approved Tech Gladiator Series Synthetic Body

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Other Space Kaiden

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Intent: To create a unique cybernetic body for my character “Nocturno”
Development Thread: Yes but is currently a work in progress
Manufacturer: Kamino Science Division
Model: Gladiator-Series synthetic body
Affiliation: Nocturno/CIS
Modularity: NO
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, synthskin,

The Gladiator-Series synthetic body was created by a kaminoan doctor (now deceased as of the CIS Kamino dominion) to keep his creation alive as it was incapable of doing so on its own. The Suit is designed for the sole purpose of providing a medical platform that both keeps its subject alive and provides him with minor augmentations to ensure combat effectiveness. The inner workings of the suit consist of a mess of nutrition tubes and a large, body sized, synthskin sac that keeps the mangled internal organs alive and vacuum resistant. The motorized, that utilize repulsor technology, limbs and joints offer the subject increased power over their enemies without sacrificing agility, however the forward movements of the legs are not perfected and cause a severe loss of speed when running or walking. The suit also contains fail safes to redirect electrical damage away from important systems, but does not make the suit impervious to electrical damage. I order to beef up the protection standards an Echani Mk II shield was integrated into the armor and a Blastech Iron Skin Underlay for increased blaster resistance.

The multiple nutrition tubes feed a highly condensed nutrition paste into the organic organs while a series of pumps force purified air into the lungs of the subject. Since most of Nocturno’s body is incomplete and the organic structure is mostly jam packed organs and muscle tissue, the systems must always be kept operational and the body cannot survive without their constant use.

The head of the unit encases the brain of the subject, in Nocturno’s case the spliced tissues of various subjects. The brain is kept alive through its own air pump that feeds air directly to it. The lack of organic eyes led to the installation of photoreceptors into the “helmet” that feed images into the brain through electrical currents that are easily recognizable by organic brains. The excess tubes hanging from the back of the head are mainly for fear factor, as are many functions of the unit. The “spikes” on either side of the unit’s helmet are used as communication devices able to send out signals from one planet to another planet or ship in the same system.


-Extreme Strength thanks to repulsorlift powered limbs

-Outer shell is impervious to pain

-Vacuum Resistant

-Resistant outer shell


-Subject requires all suit functions to survive

-Agility when running or walking is poor at best

-Venerable to electrical damage

-Subject is highly vulnerable to attack if outer shell is breached

Classification: Multi-Purpose
Weight: 165 kilograms
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s):

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
Quality 8 armor that, when breached, could result in cataclysmic organ failure and death. Basically just Grievous armor, only without the weird spider stuff or the multiple limbs. I draw the line that this is not a strength enhancer. The suit itself gives all the strength the character has, it does not increase existing abilities. If you abuse the strength function too much, you may draw some RPJ attention, but it's not enough to prevent this submission's summary approval.

With that out of the way, approved.
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