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Approved Tech Glacies Domum Jedi Praxeum Holocron

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Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

  • Intent: To make a repository of knowledge created by the Jedi of the Glacies Domum Jedi Praxeum that Mereel and possibly other Jedi can consult, and to provide a holocron to open for this thread.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: A Hopefully Uneventful Scouting Mission
  • Primary Source: Holocron
  • Manufacturer: Ancient Jedi Masters of the Glacies Domum Jedi praxeum.
  • Model: Jedi Holocron
  • Affiliation: Mereel Vaun
  • Modularity: Yes? (Information can be added to or erased from the holocron by its current owner)
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Crystal Lattice, alchemized metals.
  • Classification: Jedi Holocron
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length: 0.2m Average
  • Weight: 0.5kg Light
  • Instruction in telekinesis.
  • Instruction in meditation techniques.
  • Instructions on how to build a lightsaber out of traditional and makeshift components.
  • Instruction in Soresu, Shii-Cho, and Djem So.
  • History on the construction and development of the Glacies Domum Jedi Praxeum.
  • Debates and diatribes on the role of Jedi in the Galaxy.
  • Explanation of the Jedi Knight Trials.
  • Summaries of the Jedi Specializations

Fearing the loss of knowledge concerning ancient Jedi meditation techniques, the original Jedi Master in charge of the Glacies Domum Jedi praxeum constructed this holocron in the year 1427 BBY. After the holocron's creator passed on into the force, the holocron was passed down through generations of Jedi Masters who were in charge of the praxeum. The passing along of the holocron became a tradition of those becoming Masters of the praxeum, and this rite of passage continued up until the eventual dissolution of the Jedi training grounds in 14 BBY.

The last proper Master of the praxeum bestowed the holocron to a Jedi Knight who fled to the praxeum during the Great Jedi Purge, but at some point during the four hundred years darkness following the outbreak of the Gulag Virus, a Jedi Master returned the holocron to the praxeum.
Until recently, the holocron was locked away in one of the ancient facility's catacomb chambers.

While originally created to prevent the loss of meditation techniques over time, the holocron's original creator encouraged the device's inheritor to record whatever knowledge that he thought was fitting to add to the holocron. Through the passage of time, even Jedi Knights came to possess the holocron, and the knowledge that they deemed fit to add to the holocron was often times different from what the original Masters considered appropriate, which is why the holocron contains information ranging from meditation techniques, to history lessons, to information on how to build and fight with a lightsaber.

  • Knowledge of Many: This holocron's age and number of contributors means that the holocron contains a wealth of knowledge for force users.
  • History of the Blade: This holocron possesses a large amount of knowledge concerning the more defensive lightsaber forms and instruction on how a Jedi is to construct a lightsaber.
  • Fragile: The holocron is quite fragile. The impact of a single blaster bolt, a glancing blow from a lightsaber, a slugthrower round, or even dropping the holocron from a height greater than two meters can completely destroy the holocron and all of the knowledge contained within.
  • Force dependent: You need to be a Force User to utilize the holocron. For non-force users, the holocron is simply an inert object.
Not open for further replies.