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Give me Liberty, or Give me Death (Open to GA, Others Ask)

Kerkov sweat under the hot Terminusian sun. Today was a warm day, especially for the planet. The northern hemisphere was in its hottest season of its solar rotation. But the former Grand Admiral continued on in his speech, he had a rebellion to build, and faltering under such conditions would not due if he ever wanted to succeed. The crowd in front of him watched half heartedly as he droned on about the subject matter, only three hundred Terminusians had come to watch his speech of anti-Alliance rhetoric, a small victory nonetheless. This was only his third time doing such an event, and the crowd had grown from a measly three dozen he had attend only two weeks earlier. Of course, his speech wouldn't get far in the press, most likely to be covered in a brief minute overview on one of the numerous local news stations spread throughout the city.

The aging fifty something year old man sipped his glass of water before ending his speech, "For if we allow these war mongers disguised as saints to reign over our once free populace any longer, than the glory that was Terminus will be truly lost! I thank you, fellow compatriots, and urge all of you, man, woman, and child, to fight the jingoist Alliance dogs, and end their reign of military junta over our great planet! Good night." Applause followed his speech, nothing rousing or special, but it satisfied Kerkov for the time being. He waved to his supporters before steeping down from the stage, and entering a landspeeder with a protective detail. As members of his resistance group tidied up things at the plaza he had just given the address, Kerkov was brought to the headquarters of the Free Terminusians.

Slowly the landspeeder halted in front of the Open Circle Shipyards, an abandoned ship building complex once owned by Kerkov. Since Kerkov's disappearance during the battle against the Omega, his companies and their properties had gone defunct, whatever left of Kerkov's entrepreneurial enterprises being foreclosed by local government, or being lost into obscurity. Although he had already given up most of the duties of being CEO of the company when joining the First Order, the lack of willing to continue his organization after his supposed death brought the house of cards down. Now all Kerkov had left was his family on Terminus, and the former wanted nothing to do with him.

The protective detail led the experienced war fighter into a passcoded door in the east building of the complex, heading into a turbolift going down into he under workings of the shipyard. Reaching the third basement level, the doors opened to several dozen working members of the Free Terminusians. Several waved hello, or greeted him with the nickname, "Admiral." Although their insurgency was more organized than most, military protocol was not held in high regard down here. a man wearing a white uniform approached Kerkov, "How did the speech go, Bill?" Kerkov pinched the bridge of his nose, "Terribly, I couldn't have done worse had I been in my undergarments up there." Nublar smiled, "Well then, this will certainly cheer you up," Nublar handed Kerkov a datapad, "Operation Valkyrie is ready?" Nublar nodded, "With our old equipment from Polis Massa, we expedited the process, we can be ready to execute by 0800 tomorrow." Kerkov took a deep breath, "Put it in motion, the sooner our attack is made, the sooner Terminus will be freed."

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Terminus. Not exactly the most ideal of assignments. But it had caught the attention of someone important. So there he was. He curled his knuckles and folded his arms as the Admiral, one [member="William Kerkov"], made his speech. He remembered him- he had heard him. Maybe from the Omega ordeal? But the back-brief he had gotten gave him a lot more depth. Currently, he was the only Alliance member currently being tasked with observing the situation unfolding indepth. He was undercover- deep. Reporting to some higher up woman named [member="Silara Varis"]. The speech was, as speeches went- speechy. Wasn't great, wasn't bad. Just more rabble-rousing than normal.

Kaiden watched him leave and lifted his hand to his ear.

"Havoc Actual on station."

The comm unit blipped. Probably sent it up to wherever it needed to go. He turned his head, dispersing with the rest of the crowd. Observation just meant that he needed to do what everyone else did. And right now, someone had the bright idea to bring a food truck. Such a bad gig- a cold soda and a sandwich, and observing the current goings on. He bought the soda and the sandwich on the Alliance's dime. No need to spend his own money. Not that he had a lot anyway. He sat down on a cheap plastic chair the vendor had smartly put up to facilitate more crowd-goers to sit down and buy more soda and sandwiches. Which is precisely what Kaiden was going to do.

"Admiral hasn't incited violence- just more rabble rousing. Standby for upload of audio feed."

[member="William Kerkov"]

Silara Varis

Onboard GAS Resolute Vengeance
In orbit

[member="Kaiden Rohn"] [member="William Kerkov"]


It was about halfway through the day when they got their first communicade from their eyes and ear on the ground. Silara was an ex Spy for the Galactic Alliance, though unable to perform those duties any more. They had reassigned her to Command of the Resolute Vengeance, and one this assignment had come don the pipeline, put her in charge of it.

Espionage was a delicate thing.

"What have we got Comms?" She asked, drying off her hair with a towel. She was not in her normal blue pressed uniform. She had just come froma long run and shower and was in her blue shorts and white tee. GA PT's.

"Just got our first Communication from Agent Nighthawk. Say's he's got a bead on the target, but no violent tendencies yet."

As the video streamed Silara sat down in her chair and lit a Deathstick. She watched the speech and then smirked, taking a deep breath. The Comms officer raised an eyebrow at her, but she didn't care. He was an Ensign, she was a Captain. Despite the fact it was against regs to smoke on the bridge, her junior officers knew better than to make a big stink of it.

"Alright. Well this is nothing much to go off of." She replied, swiping her palm down to close the projection.

"Just in case, hail Chief Tyren. Have him keep his Marines on condition two. As far as Nighthawk send a confirmation code and let him run loose."

"No orders Ma'am?"

Silara furrowed her brow as the XO spoke up.

"No XO, this is Nighthawks arena, not ours. We don't move until he either paints a target, gives a distress call or asks us too. Contrary to popular Naval Doctrine around here micro managing is not the way to get things done. He's got his lane, we got ours."

"Aye Ma'am. I just thought-"

"Nothing, that's my orders."

She rose and flicked her deathstick to the deck grinding it out with her boot. It was a bad habit and her PO1 flinched. She never cleaned 'em up, but the rest of them had to.

"I'm going to gym. XO you have the bridge, keep me updated as things develop."

The day was still young, and despite already having a run, she was worked up again. The gym was the perfect place to unleash some aggression.
Kerkov spent the night working in what some of the Resistance operatives "The Forge", the area where all the equipment the Resistance used was modified, and sometimes, created. Anything they used had to be secured, to ensure it couldn't be tracked or overrode by their original owners. Most of the equipment they use was from Kerkov's Open Circle Armada, such as the weapons and armor issued to the security that ran this place. Although he wasn't a professional, from the training his father, a mechanic, gave him, he could participate without causing more problems than their had been before.

Two humans dressed in civilians clothes approached Kerkov, the female spoke first, "Our reconnaissance of the governor's residence has gone uninterrupted, we've confirmed that it is ready for phase 2." Kerkov set down his equipment and addressed the two, "Did anyone find you, or did you find anything suspicious," This time, the other one answered, "Zil of either, if any Alliance spy was watching us, then they were a real professional." Kerkov sighed, "They usually are," Kerkov turned towards the two, "We are in a time crunch, but be patient and quiet, this is by far the most important part of this section of the plan, if you kark this up we have no Valkyrie. Now get to Nublar so you can outfit yourself with the equipment, and go." The two nodded and rushed off to the main room in their underground headquarters.

A bad taste was left in Kerkov's mouth, he missed the order and discipline of being in the military. The uniforms, the codes of conduct, he missed it all. But he would bring it all back, once Kerkov would get power he would instate a new military dictatorship, intent on keeping trade dominance Terminus had held in the Outer Rim in years past, and bringing back Terminus has it once had been a decade ago.

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[ not waiting on anyone else anymore ]

The sandwich was good. Maybe it was better because he wasn't paying for it. He leaned back in the chair, watching the crowd disperse. He touched his ear, pretending to scratch it. He turned his audio feed back on, but didn't turn on the visual part yet. No need to.

"Gonna go dark. Will pop up when I have something more concrete."

And with that, Kaiden turned off the feed from [member="Silara Varis"]. Kaiden stood up, and exited the concession area. He left a hearty tip. Courtesy, through several backdoors and sneaky accounting, of the Alliance. Kaiden didn't have anything. He'd have to wait for the Admiral to surface again, to make his next big move. And in the mean time, he went to a local bar. Might as well fulfill one of his habits while he was planet-side.

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