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Give me a lesson or two (Iella/Michael)

The Admiralty
There was a time his purpose had been clear to him. The day he had decided to join the Jedi Order was still a cheerful memory, one not clouded by the grim reality of life. Sadly that lad was long gone, destroyed by the bloody battles and political games of mankind. But that did not mean he had to be all depressed about it, the Force and the Lightsabre were tough mistresses indeed; that did not mean giving up was a viable solution to his problems. At least that was what he had told himself when he decided it was time to get out in the world again. Maybe have a drink or two and experience some actual fun.

The bar was sleazy, dirty and filled with sin, but that was the Understreets for you. He had never been in this neighborhood before, some part of him liked it. It might have been a vice-ridden environment, but at least you knew what to expect. No false smiles here, if someone wished to kill you they were open about it and that was something Michael could respect after everything.

He walked up to the bar with some serenity and peace of mind, he was the eye in the storm so to speak. “Vaapad lessons, please.” there was no sarcasm in his voice, the drink was getting increasingly popular. So why not join the club?

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Coci Heavenshield

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On her way back from a warehouse, one burnt out by an event that involved her, she had wanted to make the place more secure for her further training, it was a perfect place for what she had in mind, already proving useful. She noticed some black stains on her cream cloak for the visit, some of the ash had rubbed off on her and she quickly tried to brush it away. The lower levels of Coruscant, always an interesting place to visit, full of life of all descriptions and activities of a less caliber .. however she is not here for that. Tired from her self training, and in no hurry to get back to the Jedi Temple, Iella decided, since no one knew she was here, to go for a quick drink.

Her throat is parched and it has been ages since she had the taste of Corellian Ale in her mouth. She is not picky about the bar, been in many a bar fight to not worry about that, she located one just up the street. She pulled her cloak around her body and lowered her head, which allowed her to hide within the cowl more.

She crossed the threshold of the entrance, the light of the place immediately diving into a darkness, however her sense are on high alert noticing all within the place. Including the presence of a force sensitive. Her head turned in the direction of the presence, her face showing some surprise under the cowl. It is a presence she recognises as Michael Sardun.

Now this is interesting, she thought. "An interesting choice of drink", she said softly as she approached the bar and sat down on a stool. "I will have a Corellian Ale, please", she addressed the bar keep. She did not try and hide her presence, there was simply no need to at this point. "Greetings Michael it has been a long time, I hope you are well?".