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Approved Tech Ghost Ring

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Cedric Dorn

Intent: To Create something that will allow Soliael to actually walk around without getting stabbed.

Development Thread: (Finished)

Manufacturer: Soliael Devin Talith

Model: ...

Affiliation: Soliael

Modularity: Nope

Production: Unique

Material: Silver

Description: This ring has one simple function, it was designed to hide Soliaels signature within the force. Because of his birth Sol is unable to hide himself in the force, his father and mother are both massively powerful force users and since their genetics both went into making him he too was massively powerful in the force. Again because of his fathers affiliation with the force Sol's force signature was entirely tied to the darkside of the force. This of course made it quite...awkward for Soliael to wander into Jedi controlled areas.
Knowing this Soliael created the ring with the talents that his grandmother had taught him. Because however he is still rather...inept when it comes to Sith Alchemy, the ring had an unintended consequence. Whenever Soliael placed the ring on the finger it not only had the effect of making him disappear in the force...but it made the force disappear from him. The ring completely and entirely cut him off from the force, not so much hiding him but instead entirely removing its presence from him, essentially rendering himself a completely normal being.
The ring hid Soliael, though while wearing it Sol was cut off from the force itself. This also made it so that taking the ring off after wearing it was quite painful. The force came “crashing” down back into Soliael whenever he took the ring off and the process was quite intense.
Sol is able to make these rings at will, though creating them takes quite a bit out of him.

Artifact Type: Ring

(There's no template for Sith Artifacts so i just did this. If you guys need added information just tell me)
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