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Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum

Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum

Runewarrior of the Clan Veranum (Chaotic Good)
Ghorumgash of Clan Veranum from Khazund


NAME: Runewarrior Ghorumgash of Clan Veranum from Khazund
FACTION: Omega Protectorate/Khazund-Daran
RANK: What rank does your character hold in his/her faction?
SPECIES: Khazund-Daran
AGE: About 50 (considered barely in adulthood)
HEIGHT: 1.40 meters
WEIGHT: About 80 kg, for human it would be considered overweight in such ration, however, for Khazund, it is normal
EYES: Light brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Slightly tan


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Brute: Like every Khazund, Ghor is a stout but very muscular being, built like a tank he is capable of impressive strength and endurance. His dense bones also allow him to withstand more pressure and damage on his body than normal beings could take.

Affinity with Earth: Much like the Shapers of Kro Var, or the Eldorai, Khazund have special Force affinity with the elements, however, their affinity restricts only to elements of Earth and Fire. As a force sensitive Khazund, Ghor has affinity with the Earth, able to warp the element to his will in order to turn it to his advantage, or against his opponents. This affinity also increases Ghor's resistance to physical and kinetic attacks, causing his skin to harden like a rock.

Force Sensitive: Ghor is Force sensitive, able to utilize and sense the power of the Force.

Runesmith: As a Khazund Runesmith, a form of Force-imbued alchemy, Ghor is familiar with creating, and modifying, objects with the Force. However, currently he only finished the basic training, there is still much he has to learn and train in the subject.

Martial Training: As part of the warriors of his clan, Ghor received martial training, learning hand-to-hand and melee combat using vibro-axes. He was also familiarized with using blaster rifles and heavier weaponry.

Marksman: Ghor showed proficiency in utilizing rifles, often using them during hunts with deadly accuracy, he is capable in both slughthrower and blaster rifles, often favoring semi and fully automatic models.

Unyielding: Just like the Earth he has affinity with, Ghor is resistant and unyielding, once he sets his mind on something, he follows the course until he succeeds, there is little that can change his mind or make him stop.

Stable: Ghor is someone you can count on, always seeing through the end of his deal and keeping promises. He is the guy that will always be there for you to fall back on.

Accent: Ghor has a thick accent, often he is hard to understand.

Stubborn: Like an ox, even when something is a bad idea, if he sets his mind on something, he will see it through.

Rigid: It is hard to change his views and affinities, often harsh when confronted about it, he is not someone you could easily sway away from his opinions.

Crude: He'll call them like he sees them, often blunt and to-the-point, Ghor is not afraid to blurt out sex-jokes and inappropriate comments, or confront others about their shortcomings.

Addictive Personality: Ghor likes to smoke, gamble, and drink, he has a very addictive personality, often hanging around cantinas in his spare time, it is the lack of alcohol for prolonged periods of time that can get him the most riled up.

Greedy: Ghor loves his gold and shiny things, like all Khazund, it can often cause him to side-track or get distracted away from his main goal, he could be easily bought out, that is, as long as it does not harm his friends or family.

Acrophobia: Like all Khazund, Ghor is afraid of heights and not the best of pilots

Khazund Force Knowledge: Ghor received his training in the Force from the Khazund, that is, a very limited training. The knowledge of the Force the Khazund have limits to control over the elements, mostly using it in order to manufacture new products, and little to no telekinesis. Safe to say, Ghor has still a lot to learn in the ways of the Force.

Ghor is part of the Veranum Clan City-Ship, a converted cargo freighter used to carry his Clan on their Exodus

Thick Khazund Rune-Armor

Collection of vibro-axes

Corek Custom Heavy Repeater No 1

OPRC-1 Rotary Blaster Cannon

Anti-Force User Grenade Series


Holotransmitter and commlink

Smoking pipe

Khovaa mount

Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum

Runewarrior of the Clan Veranum (Chaotic Good)
Like all Khazund now, Ghor was born on a ship, one of the City-Ships used by Khazund Clans on their Exodus. He was born into the Veranum Clan, one of the larger Clans of Khazund, and he was soon identified as gifted with the sensitivity to the Force.

Raised aboard the City-Ship, Ghor grew up listening to the old legends of their lost home-planet Khazund and the Mecha, mysterious metal beings that came to them from the skies and gave them the power of technology.
His people paid a terrible price as the technology and progress clouded their minds and greed gripped them, it cost them their homeworld, its location now lost in the pages of time.

Ghor was drafted into the Khazund military, taught by the Runemasters the ways of the Runes and Earth Magick, gripping the power of the Force in order to control the very soil and environment around him.
Ghor was taught how to fight like a true Khazund by the Runemasters, blunt and brutal, he charged straight into combat like a battering ram, clad in heavy Rune armor and wielding large sharp axes, he brought bloodshed and gore to his enemies.

Most of Ghor's life consisted of training under the Runemasters and adventuring, visiting the planets his City-Ship passed by, seeking wealth, renown, and any possible clues to the whereabouts of their homeworld.

Currently, Ghor has just finished his training, deemed ready to stray away from his City-Ship in order to explore the Galaxy and seek wealth on his own. Master of axes and armor, and with some understanding of the Force, Ghor is excited as to what his new journeys will bring.