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Approved Tech Gentleman's attire

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The Gentleman Thief





Intent: To give Gentleman Thief a signature suit, while also giving him select advantages.
Development Thread: Will make one if necessary.
Manufacturer: Bolivar Daniels
Model: Steampunk attire
Affiliation: Gentleman Thief
Modularity: Yes. As he discovers faults in the suit or even possible upgrades, Bolivar will change it up every now and then.
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, transparisteel, leather.
Description: Bolivar is interested in becoming a high-class criminal, and decides to create a suit for himself that when all together, gives him an edge over the average man. The main part of the suit, which includes leg and chest covering, and the rocket boots are durasteel. The wrist-mounted device is also durasteel, and has a switch that allows Bolivar to activate the propulsion systems in his boots at will. The goggles are fashioned from durasteel and transparisteel. Over his armoring, Bolivar wears a black overcoat made from leather.
Classification: Anti-slug, Blaster resistant.
Weight: 71 pounds
Quality: 7
Other Feature(s): There are two miniature rockets in the bottom of his boots, which are activated by a switch on his wrist. Each boot has a power cell compartment located on the back of the heel, which is controlled remotely by the switch. Each power cell can be used for a total of twenty minutes before it must be replaced. Rockets can fly up to 50 mph, but can only be fully controllable at 30 mph. For example, if the current version of the suit goes over 35, it will spiral out of control.


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Is the wrist-mounted device designed simply acting as the switch for the rocket boots? Also, how much power do said rocket boots have, and where is the fuel source for them? Finally, how long can they operate before needing to be recharged or re-fueled?

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Stark raving silly
One last question: How much speed are we getting from the rocket boots?

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