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Hira Mitsae

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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Development Thread: Capitalism Reigns -- Galactic Alliance.
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Corporation Name: Gengetsu-Kai
Headquarters: Atrisia
Locations: Jutrand, Darkknell.
Operations: Pharmaceuticals, Cybernetics, Extortion, Money-Lending

Tier: 3

The Gengetsu-Kai is an organization based around several tenets focused on protection, expansion and retention. Its membership is spread through several worlds and mainly operates within the realms of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, illegal cybernetics, gathering of monetary tribute in return for their offer of security and lending money to those in need.

Especially that last bit ensures that Gengetsu-Kai has stakes in multiple companies and enterprises spread through the Grumani sector. From a local grocers to more elaborate ventures in the financial sector of the capital.

Atrisia: The ancestral home of the Gengetsu-Kai and their main base of power in the Galaxy. They operate from an ancient bathhouse out on the countryside connected to the capital and other large cities through a large, well maintained rail station. From large warehouses in the main spaceports of the planet to docking bays, Atrisia serves mainly as a transit point for the illicit trade the organization peddles in.

Jutrand: One of their branches that has seen better days and been through a steep decline through the last two decades Jutrand is no longer considered as an important part of their trade. One of the mega-city planets of the Grumani Sector the Gengetsu used to be very well-established here, until the rise of the spice trade made them increasingly more irrelevant. Their own profits dwindled and Phaegon refused to give them dispensation to enter the spice market themselves. This left them without the funds to compete against the rival gangs popping up around them. Now the Jutrand branch finds itself more and more cut off from former allies, while they retain a single underground chopshop for cybernetics and a warehouse in one of the lesser spaceports. Nobody expects them to go on for much longer.

Darkknell: Focused primarily as the distribution and logistics point of the Grumani Sector Darkknell ensures that Gengetsu-Kai shipments are easily transported to and fro. Much of its finances pass through the world on the way to Atrisia, while resources move into the Grumani Sector to pay for the chop shops, the underground labs and more.

The Gengetsu-Kai was formed by Atrisian refugees fleeing the warring periods and persecutions at the height of the Atrisian Empire. But what they found on Phaegon was not much better. Foreigners, disenfranchised and far from their former homeland they were easy pickings for the predators of the streets. Alone they stood no chance against increasingly organized and hostile groups that were extorting them, abusing them and taking them for every penny they had.

Until they realized that there was a strength within their numbers. The first incarnation of the Gengetsu-Kai were labourers at the spaceport that banded together to push back against the extortion tactics of a local smuggling group. Once word of their success spread? The development grew and more joined up.

By the fall of the Omega Protectorate at the turn of the decade the Gengetsu-Kai was one of the better organised organizations on Phaegon and beyond. The local law enforcement had difficulty stemming their tide, because of popular support.

They helped their neighbours and local businesses after all.

After years of success and largely no serious opposition the old leadership on Phaegon has turned their attention inward. They are increasingly less interested in formerly profitable holdings outside of their ancestral home and isolate themselves more and more. Many of their cadet branches have seceded and yet no response has come.

Those that remain loyal have the barest amount of support as the pressure on them increases.

Change is in the air, but would the Gengetsu-Kai find themselves flying or crashing?

Subsidiaries: N/A
Parent Corporation: N/A