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Approved Starship Garan Colony Ship ( Frigate Class )

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Crazy Man McJangle

Source Discovered

Intent: The point is to provide Torjesgo with a unique vessel to be gained over the course of his exploring through the galaxy. It will begin as the second surviving vessel of the Garan species that will be in need of extensive repairs and refitting to be capable of doing much more than being a flying relic. Further development of the vessel will be done throughout the roleplaying span of the Torjesgo character. This will be the default information prior to it's rediscovery and any modifications being done to it. It will start as the stock and, pending the decision by the grader the best route to take, may be a fully new submission for the modified version or directly modified to this submission. Minor changes will likely occur at that time to begin it's transformation from an ancient sleeper ship to a more modern vessel capable of being used to traverse the galaxy.

Development Thread: To my understanding of the rules, it isn't necessary but let me know!
Manufacturer: Garani Resistance
Model: Garan Colony Ship
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yup! Will post modifications and whatnot down the road. Intended to be extensively retrofitted.
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel
Classification: Sleeper Ship
Role: Sleeper Ship to evolve into a personal craft
Height: 28 m (not including solar panels, antennae, or anything other than the physical hull)
Width: 87 m (not including solar panels, antennae, or anything other than the physical hull)
Length: 308 m (not including solar panels, antennae, or anything other then the physical hull)
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Power, liquid fuel, and nuclear reactor.
Hyperdrive Rating: None
Minimum Crew:
  • 0 (Automated piloting routines to get the ship to a destination as best as possible. No other functions other than maintaining life support and following predetermined routing available)
  • 4 (Able to modify automated routines, operate weaponry with primitive automated targeting systems, and can take manual control of flight systems)
Optimal Crew: 110 crew members
  • 2 Pilots (Total control over flight systems)
  • 8 Navigation Officers (Total control over navigation systems)
  • 4 Countermeasure Officers (Total control over countermeasures)
  • 34 Gunners (Total control over weaponry)
  • 30 Engineers (Maintaining life support systems, power core, and basic maintenance)
  • 16 Medical Staff (Supervising life support readings and taking care of injuries when necessary)
  • 16 Support Crew
Armaments: (Balanced)
  • Two Twin 350mm Mass-driver cannon turrets. (Not a lot of precedent for specific measurements for mass-driver cannons, using actual naval measurements unless informed otherwise.)
    20 350mm Mass-driver cannon rounds per gun with 40 total in reserve.

[*]Six Twin 80mm Mass-driver cannons turrets.
  • 60 80mm Mass-driver cannon rounds per gun with 200 in reserve.

[*]Four Twin 20mm repeating Mass-driver cannons turrets.
  • 200 20mm Mass-driver cannon rounds per gun with 600 in reserve.

[*]Two fore mounted launcher tubes.
  • 5 HE missiles per launcher.

Hangar: (Balanced will be the long term intent to provide shuttle capabilities) None
Non-Combative Attachments: Primitive Sensor Arrays. Primitive sensor countermeasures. Sleeper ship components: colony equipment including building materials and food stores.
Passenger Capacity: 1,050
  • 1,000 in cold sleep pods
Cargo Capacity: 3,000 metric tons
Consumables: Five years (fully awake crew), four hundred years with stasis crew.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 9
Description: There were three Garan Sleeper Ships created as the last hope of the Garani people to escape total destruction by the Infinite Empire. One of the three were destroyed in atmosphere by the Rakata, the second has been destroyed by the surviving son of the Garani people, Torjesgo, upon his awakening. The third drifts waiting to be discovered by no small feat of chance and destiny.
The vessel was designed to allow for colonists to hopefully escape the oppressive and genocidal regime of the Infinite Empire on their homeworld of Garan (Byss). It was designed with longevity and maximum storage capacity in mind with the limitations of the power output. To help it breech past the Infinite Empire vessels around their homeworld, the Sleeper Ships had heavy naval guns mounted to provide some level of defense against attack. The plans failed as the ships were unable to reach proper destinations with the only surviving vessel having become derelict and lost. The power capacity unable to maintain long enough to keep the sleeper pods going as well as the thrusters so the members on board slowly died out.

The interior of the vessel is broken down between the cockpit, the tiny living quarters, a medical bay, the engine/reactor compartment, cargo, weapon batteries, and then the large storage decks devoted to the sleep chambers and the machinery to keep the pods online and the occupants alive. It is a spartan styled ship as it wasn't designed for comfort but as a last ditch attempt to save a doomed species while packing in as many people as possible relative to the power provided.

The large panels at the aft of the ship are designed to provide auxiliary and emergency power in the case of system failures in some manner. The nuclear reactor has built in safety systems to shut it down should it become dangerous as the loss of the colony ship due to a reactor issue after escaping from the Infinite Empire would have been a great insult. The ship was made as flat as possible to keep a low profile moving through space and as small of a target from the side as possible. The disadvantage is that it's a rather wide ship, comparatively, to provide a larger target to vessels attacking from above or below. Garani engineering is quite dated and new compared to modern technology so their sublight engines are ancient and there is no hyperdrive built into the superstructure at all. Both things will need to be replaced or installed, respectively, to allow it to function effective in a modern scenario.
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