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Approved Tech Galwe, Arlox's Hammer

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Intent: To create a personal melee weapon for Arlox
Image Source: Fist of Rukt, from Halo 2.
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Corondex Arms
Model: Model I
Affiliation: Personal(Arlox)
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Beskar, Electronics/Circuitry

Classification: Gravity Hammer
Size: Two-handed
Length: 130 centimeters
Weight: 6.5 kilograms
Special Features: Gravity attract/repel, Lightsaber Resistant

+Gravity Function/Power
Galwe has two gravity settings it can change between, attract and repel. In attract mode the wielder can aim the head of the hammer at any object and attract it to the hammer, repel mode gives out a burst of force that can make small objects launch away.

+Lightsaber Resistance
Due to the hammer being made out of Beskar, it is very resistant to lightsaber attacks.

Since the gravity function of the hammer is powered by electronics and circuitry, an EMP or a sudden voltage increase in the electricity of the weapon would overload and potentially explode, destroying the gravity function.

Despite Arlox's incredible strength, he is slow in swinging the hammer around, meaning anyone with agility could overpower Arlox and the deadly swings of Galwe.

"Galwe is named after a Ma'alkerrite known as Galwe, legends say he defended the Ma'alkerrites right to live as he fought against invaders overnight, hundreds of them, unrelenting, and when the night was over and the sun was set, it shined upon the weapon of Galwe, it was truly blessed by the gods!" - Ma'alkerrite Prophet

Galwe was originally just a ceremonial weapon used for the guard captain back on his home planet, a two-handed iron hammer with a lot of respect and legend around the hammer, however. When Arlox left his home planet and left for the stars, exploring and learning what he could absorb in, he learned of various ways that his hammer could actually become an even more deadlier weapon, usually he shouldn't desecrate such a holy symbol to his people, but Arlox wasn't a very religious person or believed in the warrior belief like some of his Ma'alkerrites.

He went from mechanic to mechanic, blacksmith to blacksmith to see how they could improve his hammer, none of them were willing. Either because they didn't deal in hammers, didn't trust Arlox because of how he looked or just found it to be too much work for such a special project, exhausting all his options one particular company reached his ears. "Corondex Arms"

He found them, and to his surprise took on the challenge of improving his hammer by making it better in every way, to completely changing the material around and even adding two features on the head of the hammer, Arlox received the full report on how his hammer was improved, the material of the hammer was completely changed to Beskar, and they added two experimental gravity features to the weapon, both called "Tractor" and "Repulsor" the hammer in Tractor mode can pull in small objects with the head of the hammer from a distance, this can't draw in heavier objects or a normal human. The repulsor can blast the small objects away, this doesn't have any significant force however and at best, when used on an opponent can only make them go off balance but they can recover quickly. Arlox was warned that the gravity features can be disabled by high voltage from an outside source or an EMP could disrupt it.

All though Arlox didn't see the point of the gravity features, he was very well pleased with the material as he liked the idea of it being lightsaber resistant. He paid and gave his thanks to Corondex Arms, and left with a new, powerful melee weapon.
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