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Galactic Empire Overview

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Founders: Akio Kahoshi and Mirien Valdier
Faction Admins: Akio Kahoshi, Mirien Valdier, Somarae, Aditya Amadis, Midve

The Background

When the plague started the Imperial Moff of Atrisa, Moff Lee, sealed the planet from the outside Galaxy, to the point of ordering any incoming ships to be destroyed before they could land regardless of whose they were. To accomplish this he ordered the Atrisian Sector Defense Taskforce lead by the warshipRancor to remain in orbit. Then for the three hundred years of the plague and most of the remaining century the planet remained sealed off. During this time the system of the Galactic Empire remained intact, and they continued to consider themselves citizens of the Empire despite being only a single planet with no outside contact.

Over the years the planet Atrisia, or as it was often known Kitel Phard, was forgotten and disappeared from maps throughout the Galaxy. A series of Moffs would rule the planet, with the newest in the chain being a man named Zin Shu.

Once it was safe to leave their planet without fear of infection, they began to bring nearby planets under their influence. Most of these worlds were poor and had been effected heavily by the plague, but they provided Atrisia with materials it needed to support the Atrisian Navy which was much larger than what a single planet could normally support. As Atrisia pushed into nearby territories and fought of pirates and other intruders, they watched the other greater powers expanding exponentially.

To prevent Atrisia from being overrun and conquered Moff Shu decided to seek out an alliance, so he sent Vice-Admiral Akio Kahoshi to seek protectorate status under the Republic. The admiral met with Chancellor Saelari, and in exchange for trade agreements and a military alliance, a treaty was signed.

However with the Republic's rapid expansion, Atrisia must decide whether the treaty is really in their best interests. Eventually, Admiral Kahoshi saw that the growing Empire needed a stronger leader than the cowardly Moff. Having already become the ehad of state in many of the citizen's minds, it was both obvious and natural that the leader must be the Vice Admiral. In a coup assisted by then Chief Inquisitor Mirien Valdier, Akio declared himself Emperor.

Expanding outwards they encountered the mysterious Klaxxi species, saving Csilla in the process. The Chiss Ascendancy joined under the Emperor as a self governing sector, and the Empire grew stronger. Soon after it was decided that the time had finally come to shed the shroud of the Atrisian Empire, and once more become the Galactic Empire. Now Emperor Kahoshi supported by Grand Inquisitor Valdier seek to bring Order to a Galaxy in Chaos.

What it is about

The Galactic Empire is the Empire of old reborn, the last unbroken chain of Palpatine's Empire to survive into the new world. It upholds the idea that only by having a single voice to decide the greatest good for the greatest number can peace finally be obtained, and it will be as ruthless as it needs to be to bring that peace about. However the government is not the only faction at work. The underworld of the Empire is strong and clever, while the nobles bicker among themselves attempting to gain whatever wealth and power they can.

What can you do in the Galactic Empire?

Imperial Navy - Everything from pilot, to ship captain, to admiral is found within the Navy. It is the main branch of the Imperial military, the first defense against intrusion and the strong arm that reaches out to conquer new planets. The Navy is the primary force used by the Republic. Currently under the command of Vice Admiral Akio Kahoshi.

Stormtrooper Corps - Highly trained, the stormtroopers are among the best soldiers in the Galaxy. They are relatively few in number, but are the main strike force of the Navy when it comes to ground warfare. Stormtroopers come in many shapes and sizes, including scout troopers, sand troopers, and snow troopers. Currently under the command of Major General Yu.

Imperial Army - Larger than the stormtrooper corps, the Army is responsible for holding Imperial territory and supporting invasions after the initial wave of Stormtroopers. Vehicles such as the AT-AT and AT-ST belong to the Imperial Army. The Army has had little to do until recent years.

Imperial Intelligence Bureau - The external intelligence service of the Galactic Empire, it is only just now beginning to establish contacts with the outside world. They retain the training from the Empire of old that at one time made it the best intelligence organization in the Galaxy.

Internal Security Bureau - The rival to the IIB, the Internal Security Bureau is responsible for dealing with treats to the Empire both internal and external in nature. They are most well-known for the white uniform officers who serve alongside the other military branches to insure Imperial laws and regulations are followed but there are also many agents that serve the ISB in the field.

The Inquisition - The smallest of the Imperial branches, the Inquisition is known only by the highest ranking officials and consists of Force trained individuals. Its sole purpose is to deal with dangerous force users, which in recent centuries was mostly Imperials who awoke to the Force without training. This small and elite force has fallen under the command of Chief Inquisitor Mirien Valdier.

Government Officials - Within the Imperial system, even the government is militarized. For now the highest rank in the Empire is held by Moff Shu, the latest in the long line of Moffs to rule the planet. All other branches fall below this rank.

Reki - The Reki, or Family, is a highly ritualized and structured criminal organization that controls the entire underground of the Galactic Empire. It is ruled by clans, and within the Reki loyalty to the Family is everything. Petty criminals are rare In Reki controlled areas, for fear of angering this powerful organization.

Civilians - Despite the military nature of the Empire, not every citizen is part of it. The civilians make up the rest of the Empire, including scientists and media. However in the Empire, no one is completely free of military influence.