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Gajjulla the Hutt

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Gajjulla the Hutt

Gajjulla the Hutt
Gajjulla's Theme
Name: Gajjulla
Age: 100 Standard Years
Species: Hutt
Height: 3.5 m
Weight: 178 kg
Skin: Dark Green/Yellow
Eyes: Red
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Male Personality)
Home world: Nal Hutta
Raised On: Tatooine
Language: Huttese
Faction: The Hutt Cartel
Rank: Supreme Mogul
Force Sensitive: No
Strengths & Weaknesses:
+) Extremely Wealthy
Gajjulla comes from a very wealthy Hutt clan and came into inheritance of this wealth when his mother died.

-) Slow Moving
Gajjulla is not a very fast mover considering the fact he has to sliver around on his tail.

+) Neutral
He considers himself neutral and accepts the company of anybody from any faction

-) Easy with his money
Gajjulla is easy with his money
Gajjulla inherited his mother's palace when she died, he currently has not made any adjustments to it in any way. It is very similar to the palace of Jabba the Hutt

Translator Droid:
He owns a translator droid to translate his huttese language into Galactic Basic

He is always surrounded by at least 4 Gammeroan Guards

Gajjulla is always with his twi'lek advisor
None... Yet

None... Yet
On the planet Nal Hutta, Gajjulla the hutt, like all Hutta, was born in his mothers pouch, he spent a few years in his mother's pouch before he learned to walk, he started walking far earlier than normal for a hutt, his mother was often very busy, so he was looked after by his grandmother, who was old even by hutt standards. She was always taking Gajjulla on tours around her palace, but then one day he didn't go to his grandmothers house, his mother stayed home and seemed to be preparing for something, but when he asked what his mother just replied that they were moving away, that night they set off to his grandmother's palace, but she wasn't there, his mother then explained about how his grandmother passed on and how they inherited her things, the next years of Gajjulla's life was spent in ease, his mother was still very busy, one day she didn't come home, and he later received a message saying his mother was dead. He inherited everything.

Bounties Collected:

The Gathering
A Meeting of Hutta
The Arrangement


That one kid
Does anyone know of a hutt who isn't rich?
Welcome to the boards. May your wealth last your lifetime, and may you live long enough to be well spent.


That one kid
@[member="Gajjulla the Hutt"], do you have need of an intelligence operative or a duelist? I have characters who need the employer, and the cost won.t even be to high. I just need something for them to do.

Gajjulla the Hutt

Wait until someone pisses me off so much wah ning chee kosthpa murishani tytung ye wanya
Translation: I put a bounty on there heads