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Character Gaia Sunaris Cadera

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!

(Art Credit, Edited by Cynthia Solus Cynthia Solus )​


NAME: Gaia Sunaris Cadera
OCCUPATION: Combat Medic/Healer
SPECIES: Felacatian
AGE: 18
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 100 (slim, fit)
EYES: Blue, green
HAIR: Strawberry blonde
SKIN: Caucasian


Significant Other: Single


Mother(s): Alexandra Feanor Alexandra Feanor , Yasha Cadera Yasha Cadera
Father(s): Noah Corek Noah Corek
Sister(s): Adara Raxis Adara Raxis , Morgan, Sanya Val Lerium Sanya Val Lerium
Brother(s): Magnus, Kaine-Girak, Taru Cadera Taru Cadera , Noah
Grandfather: Gray Raxis Gray Raxis , Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud
Grandmother: Baiko no Hako Deceased, Aditya Fitz Kierke Aditya Fitz Kierke
Aunt: Vulip, Achani Raxis, Tamar Gred Tamar Gred , Asha Corek
Uncle: Azure Raxis Azure Raxis , Mig Gred Mig Gred , Skorvek Skorvek
Great-Grandfather: Girak Cato Nereus Kierke

Raxis, Cadera


+ Force - The Force is strong in Gaia. Gaia has a natural affinity for the Force and its abilities. As such, the Force is second nature to her - she can easily catch on to new techniques, powers, etc. She has quite a knack for Force Heal & Alter Environment

+ Vision & Biology – Due to the feline in her, she has excellent eyesight, including in the dark. Likewise, she has superb balance, fast reflexes, and speed.

+ Feline Form - Gaia can morph into a feline predator. Her claws are sharp enough to cut through durasteel, and she can take a ton of pain & damage before needing medical care.

+ - Optimistic - Gaia is extremely optimistic. She believes the world is ultimately good and ultimately good will prevail. She understands how evil can infiltrate anything (including light sided factions,) but naively believes it won't always be that way. This blinds her to honest truths about people, factions, and nations but also gives her hope for the future that most cannot fathom.

- Socially Awkward & A Bit Naive - She has spent most of her life in educational institutions, whether it be training to control her morphing, learning medicine, her Force abilities, or any other topic. The reality is she has not been exposed to the galaxy at large. Due to this, she can be overly trusting, naive, and a bit awkward with conversations (hopefully it's cute awkward, though :)) On the plus side, she's generally very good at what she does.

- Shaky Control – Gaia has surprisingly strong control of her morphing. She can generally shift on command, especially if there is a rush. And perhaps most importantly, she control herself when shifted. However, she has not fully mastered it while feeling angry, and she has a huge fear of shifting while in hyperspace. As such, she often takes shorter trips despite it being more costly and taking more time. Likewise, it can be painful for her to shift.

- Sensitive Senses - While her vision, smell, and hearing are more intense & stronger than a regular human, it also means bright flashes, loud noises, or repugnant odors effect her more harshly. A bomb exploding, for example, may cause her ears to ring and a natural reaction to protect her ears - resulting in her lowering her defenses for a few seconds.

- Genetic Quirk 1 – Gaia looks eerily human. She is missing many of the common features of a Felacatian - she has no fur or hair on her body, minus her eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and tail. This has resulted in some people thinking she is wearing a fake tail or ears - and they have physically yanked these parts of her, causing her moments of panic.

- Genetic Quirk 2 - In her regular form, Gaia is weak - she has a very low pain tolerance and has below average muscle strength. She has to exercise and physically work her body to maintain her current muscle mass, which isn't impressive to begin with.

- Emotional – She is a very emotional individual. She can feel others ‘vibes’ which in turn affect her own emotional state. As such, her mood can easily change between happy to sad, anger to joy, depending on the situation and how the others feel around her.


Force Heal
Alter Environment
Force Shield
Force Sneak
Electric Judgement (emerald colored)


There are some easily noticeable things about Gaia that would catch someone’s eyes.
  • Her own eyes are like a cats – the pupil is diamond shaped.
  • Her canine teeth hang slightly over her bottom lip.
  • She has two, medium sized cat ears
  • She has a tail
The rest of Gaia looks like a standard human - for all intents and purposes, she is human but with cat ears and a long tail that goes a little past her calf muscles.

As a Felacatian, she can transform into a feline predator. In this form, Gaia is about the size of a tiger. Her eyes are yellow, her claws are sharp enough to cut through durasteel, and she has spikes dotting from her shoulders down through her back.


Kinda WIP

Chapter I

There were brief flickers in her memory of the night that her world changed. It was brief, bright, and always brought a sense of dread to Gaia's gut. It was the night that the Mandalorian Empire went to liberate slaves from a slaveholding world. Gaia was only about 18 months, practically still a babe that had just learned to walk.

The attack led the slavers to massacre many of the slaves. While she would never know if they were slaves or slave-owner, Gaia could only assume they were slaves - her parents were missing. She had cried, wailed, as she wondered through the burning town. And that is where a very pregnant Yasha Cadera Yasha Cadera found her. And almost immediately took her in to raise as her own.

It was clear that Gaia was not one for fights early on. So even though the Mand'alor was fierce, Gaia was not so much. Right after Gaia's 2nd birthday, Adara Raxis was born. And with her came... Complications. Gaia didn't really understand what had happened to the new baby. She just knew something was wrong. And when she met Adara for the first time - she felt it. There was an overwhelming darkness that casted over her. The young Gaia couldn't help but cry.

But at the same time, it also made her protective of her little sister. Who could protect her from such darkness? It had to be her feline, big sister! And so, Gaia did everything she could to help with Adara.

Chapter II

Nonetheless, due to the proximity to the moon Concordia, she was easily able to travel to Gray and Baiko Raxis estate to learn the ways of the Force.

However, unrest grew in the galaxy. The Sith brought down the great Galactic Alliance, one of the few last remaining bastions of democracy. The next target of the Sith was the Commenor Systems Alliance. She was only a child still when Systems Alliance collapsed, a friend of the Mandalorian Empire. Gaia firmly dislikes the Sith – their worldview is irreconcilable with Gaia, who is immensely Light-Sided.

Prior to the Sith invasion of Commenor, Baiko enlisted Gaia’s help in bringing Adara to the Light-sided planet called Sabarene. It was Baiko, herself, Achani, and of course Adara. The goal of the trip was to find a way to cure Adara of the Dark Side that was cursed upon her due to Kaine’s resurrection. She was contaminated, forced into the Dark Side.

The goal was to find a way to cure such. The planet, though, did bring some familiarity to Gaia. A flashback played of a sand castle outside of a clay hut. Gaia shook it off – likely just the stress of the situation she was in.

Unfortunately for all, that goal turned out to be futile. From the minute the ship entered the atmosphere of Sabarene, Adara was in pain. Needles, shakes, agony. The Light was at fundamental odds with Adara’s existence and fought her metaphorically on the planet. Adara reached out for safety – and called the Dark Lord from the other side of the galaxy.

It took little to no time for the Dark Lord to arrive. Baiko instructed Gaia to run, run with Achani and get off the planet. It would be the last time Gaia ever saw Baiko again.

Chapter III

But, they moved on. She was only a few years old, and Gaia didn't even quite remember everything that happened. Her adopted brother Taru Cadera Taru Cadera came into the picture soon after.

She was 10 when her next major life event happened - her mother married Alex and Noah. It was one of the happiest days of her life. Alex was a kind soul, one that Gaia naturally gravitated to due to her sensitivity to the Force. Plus the wonderful tree that radiated in the Light...

Gaia's education continued apace. Luckily, Gaia caught on quickly, particularly with several aspects of the Force. Healing, Persuasion, and Environmental Alter. She also picked up some other skills, such as Force Light, Force Shield, and she continues to try to enhance her Force Persuasion. Of course, she was continually trained in other skills but the easiest that came to her were the above. Being the oldest, she naturally strived to be the best - and generally did extremely well in her courses.

Regrettably, when Mandalore fell and her mother was nearly killed, it was a very stressful period in her life. Cut off from most of the galaxy, with so many of her close family members killed or betrayed, Gaia almost felt truly lost for the first time. However, thanks to her sister, adopted brother, and several others of the Troublesomes, that she found her way. Likewise, she continues her training to be a medic - with a goal to heal as many as she can.

Perhaps most importantly, Gaia’s personality continued to grow into a beautiful, vibrant, optimistic, and kind spirit. Alongside, Gaia became more physically beautiful – growing tall, slender, and despite the hardships smooth, soft skin.

Notable Items



AT-HBP1 "Brotherguard"
A small knife




Religious necklace (has small statuettes of Naboo Goddesses)

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