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Approved Tech Fury[Purged Submission]

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Reyven Samoth

Grand Lord of the Tribe
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Intent: Create stats for a custom sword idea.
Development Thread: Lost
Manufacturer: Reyven Samoth
Model: Sith Sword/Sith Poison
Affiliation: Reyven Samoth
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Sith Alchemy-enhanced Durasteel, Sith Poison
Description: A rapier comprised of alchemic durasteel imbued with Sith poison. It has the same resistance to lightsabers as a normal Sith sword, though the thin blade isn't as good for blocking blaster shots as a broader sword would be. It also carries less weight behind it so it's not good for powerful strikes, but rather quick stabs. The poison on the blade infects through wounds, the deeper and more severe the wound, the worse the infection. Sith poison is a toxin that feeds into the rage of an individual and pushes them towards the Dark Side. However, with the small doses that wounds would inflict on any target, it would be more of a corrupting toxin than a lethal one as Sith Poison would be in higher dosages.

Classification: Sword
Size: One-handed
Length: 1.42 meters
Weight: 1.41 kg
Other Features: Lightsaber-proof, Sith Poisoned Blade

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@[member="Reyven Samoth"]
Alright, you're not going to see me do this often, but in this case, it kind of warrants it. It all looks good and such, but one thing. The length and weight. It's a bit longer and heavier than an "average" rapier as the weapon is classified. My suggestion is to knock it down to 1m in length and a kilogram in weight. That said, that is merely a suggestion you don't have to if you don't want to. I don't do this often, but if you want to follow my suggestion and edit to that length and weight, awesome. If not, keep in mind you're wielding a longer-than-average rapiers with some weight to it which might make it unwieldy and harder to use if they get close to you with a knife or something. Just keep that bit in mind in that case.

Otherwise, approved pending secondary.
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