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From the Desk of Detective Nes Ruaris, Coruscant P.D



Name: Warren Eulogy
Birth name: Warren F. Flonde
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin: White
Height: 6'2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Suspected Affiliations: Black Sun
Confirmed Affiliations: 107s
Convicted of: Assault, Grand Theft Auto (Juvenile), Robbery (Juvenile)

Bio: By almost all the witnesses I've interviewed Mr. Eulogy was a shining example of what happens to children in the poorer regions of our planet that are left uncared for by their parents. Warren's parents were spice heads, leaving the kid to mostly fend for and feed himself from about age eight up. Coruscant being what it is, Warren got tough real fast. He stopped going to school and hooked up with a level wide youth gang that goes by the name of the 107s. They do mostly petty crimes and small time vice but words out that the Suns have been recruiting from them for quite some time now. The intel would certainly match up with Warren's tale.

Shortly after Warren stopped attending Public Schools he ran away from home, preferring to live with the 107s, whom he considered his true family. Crime being what it has been the past few decades such cases normally get ignored. It was. As Warren grew older and gained prestige within the 107s he began to draw some negative attention from CPD, being arrested for both Grand Theft Auto and Robbery before his eighteenth birthday. The creative little cuss didn't even get an Armed Robbery charge. He robbed the poor bastard with a holo phone he'd found in a gutter which he claimed he'd use to speak with associates holding his victim's family captive. After spending time in Juvenile Detention for both offenses Warren changed his last name to "Eulogy" and seemingly disappeared off the grid days before his eighteenth birthday.

He popped up three years later in a Coruscantian Prison for Assault after getting into a conversation in some alleyway cantina. This Warren was not the Warren police had picked up in his youth. He wore a suit with accessories more expensive than my speeder. Something is up with this guy. Can't prove anything though, mostly stays off the grid, no holonet social media or anything similar. I know I don't have any empirical evidence but I'm telling ya. You should keep an eye on this guy.

Surveillance Recommended.


Strengths: Good shot, Good thief, Charming

Weaknesses: Temper, Overly Ambitious


Like Lightning
Warren said:
You're kinda observant for a dead guy.
I look alot like my father thank you. (and hundreds of years in Cryo chamber.

and yeah, that is possible, but ether they are not really all to healthy or they are one of a kind. (I mean no offence to your friend in any way shape or form.)