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Frigate Hanger capacity


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Hey so it came up in a sub today and I thought I would just comment and see what the factory thought and other people thought about it. So the Frigate has 2 levels of hanger capacity, one for 200 meters. One for 500 meters. The idea as I understand it is that there is no in-between and you just round to the nearest. I feel like there needs to be a middle ground here. As it is there is no reason to make a frigate anything other than 200 or 500 meters. A middle rating would be nice and give people an option to make frigates that are not 200 or 500 meters. a 300 meter frigate might as well be 200. a 400 meter might as well be 500. You get the advantage of a 500 meter hanger if your 351 meters. Every other classification has at least three ratings for hanger size. why do frigates not have the same three size division?
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I agree with the above and suggest the following:

Low for a 200m frigate is 0. Low for 500 is 2 squadrons.
Based on these, a 300m frigate would carry roughly 8 fighters and 400m would carry about 16 at low.
Simple ratios to solve the problem (or in this case you have a 5-2=3 so 24 fighters/3 is 8 fighters per 100m increase).

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While I'm fine with how the Frigate ratings are now, as they pretty much match what's been done with nucanon, I can see the benefit of having an additional section added to the template - as that would ideally match some of the older Legends vessels. (Just to name one as an example, the Old Nebulon-B houses two Squadrons, plus a selection of shuttles and transports, while the Nucanon Nebulon-B houses only a single Squadron.)

So, if the Factory were to implement another line to the Frigate template - I think it'd make the most sense to be the middle ground between what we've got already. To visualize what I'm talking about, I've included a segment beneath this blurb.

200m [Base: 0 | Very Low: 0 | Low: 0 | Average: 1 | High: 2 | Very High: 3 | Extreme: 4 ]​
350m [Base: 0 | Very Low: 0 | Low: 1 | Average: 2 | High: 3 | Very High: 4 | Extreme: 5 ]
500m [Base: 0 | Very Low: 1 | Low: 2 | Average: 3 | High: 4 | Very High: 5 | Extreme: 6 ]​
As mentioned in the template, these squadron counts are based on the standard number that's found within a starfighter squadron - so twelve ships per squadron. Which then gets even more interesting if our fanon ships have less starfighters, or etc - due to their smaller squadron sizes. But, that shouldn't matter as one unit of them takes up that squadron slot all the same.

However, like I said - I'm okay with the way things are currently, as if someone had loads of starfighters on smaller ships... then what's the point of having carriers? lol


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A middle ground is probably best, because there's already a formula in place for how many squadrons a ship gets per X meters.

Edit: It goes by 100 meters, as you can see in the Corvette section, the 50-99 meter range is given a 0 squadrons for all ratings just to make it clear that corvettes under 100 meters cannot carry squadrons of starfighters. The reason there's only 2 ratings in the frigate section is honestly because we came up with the hangar ratings in a vacuum and it looked like a lot of information so some things which may have been necessary (i.e; 250 or 300 meter distinction for hangar ratings) were overlooked because we cut things until the amount of information we were looking at was something people weren't screaming at me for.
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