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Ivonis Syeeli

Yeah let me just not come up with an actual title. Well I've got my character made. There's that. Not really sure exactly I'm looking for cause I'm way to dang excited/nervous to make up my mind. Same mood is reason for why I didn't reply to anything in my lil welcome thread. (Sorry for that ;-;)

I'd like to leave the warning here that it may take me a while to reply. Sometimes I'll be slow. Sometimes back to back. It'll depend on the days IRL events.


The current arc I've got an idea for her is she's captured by her master themselves or by a bounty hunter and brought to them. They proceed to mentally break her for compliance. It's definitely a control/possession thing. And this will either lead her to go full on dark side or continue to reject sith ways and go for more grey areas.

But I'm not ready for that. I'd need to find someone to take that role of her master. I would make a new character just for that, but let's face it. RP'ing with yourself would be weird and not quite as fun and unpredictable.

I'd like for her to make friends first. Or maybe enemies. Possibly frenemies. Perhaps learn a thing or two here and there. I'm honestly open for most anything here.
Luckiest man alive
Wellif you want a friend and stay a step away from your enemies long enough to make more dash is your man he is called the luckiest man alive perhaps he can even teach you some stuff.
Oh I'm liking this! I will throw my name in the hat as a master though Tegan isnt exactly a Sith she is worse. >>