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Frequently Asked Questions - Please Read Before Posting

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for this forum. It will cover a lot of common problems with the site and ways to deal with them.

Q: Why does the site crash and have a Driver Error at 4:00AM ET?
A: At that time, the site backs itself up. This is so that posts are never lost due to an accident. The backup itself transfers a lot of data. Because of this, the board momentarily crashes for no more than a minute at this time since it cannot provide any service except for backing up files at that time. The site should be functioning in just a couple minutes after the onset, though.

Q: Why don't @Mentions work?
A: There are several causes for user error when using the @Mention feature.
  • The user's Notification Settings may be wrong. Please check your Notification Settings.
  • The user mistyped the profile name. The @Mention feature requires all special characters to be used. Sometimes, an apostrophe might be a special character in a person's username. Simply use the @Mention button and copy the text produced if typing the name seems difficult.
  • The user copied and pasted a linked profile into the WYSIWYG post editor. The @Mention feature converts only plain text into links. Use the @Mention button in this case.
  • There is an erroneous space at the end of the profile name. If all else fails, this is the most likely cause for the error. Please report any usernames that seem to only be @Mentioned when a space is added to the end of their names.
If none of the above fix the problem, please consult this thread.

Q: Why can't I post in the Factory?
A: If your account has less than 50 posts, then that is the reason why you cannot post in the Factory. If otherwise, please post a thread in this forum.

Q: Why are there problems with this image I am trying to post?
A: There are several possibilities:
  • The URL is mistyped. Select the entire URL, copy, and paste it.
  • The URL in use does not have a proper file extension (.jpg, .png, .gif).
  • In cases where images get swapped out, it is due to the image hosting site. TinyPic, for example, has an algorithm for making URLs that creates frequent conflicts - causing images to get swapped out. The site that the image is hosted on could also have anti-hotlinking features.
Usually for the case where the URL does not have a file extension, this comes from search engines and sites that use short URLs. You can use your own image hosting site to remedy this.
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