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Fox and Wolves (Ask before joining)


CEO of Verres Trading
Zarro sat back in his shuttle as he entered the atmosphere of Myrkr. Such a strange and hostile planet. He had been here before, but that was several years ago. About three to be correct. He remembered the sense of loss once he had been cut off from the force. Now, he was prepared for that and was fairly sure that it wouldn't affect him too much. Within his fancy coat, Zarro had about twenty knives, each one ready to pierce through the flesh of any hostile being that dared cross the old fox. He generally used the force to keep such an item effective, but he had trained since his last visit to the planet. Middle aged or not, the senator was quite an efficient knife thrower, though if his opponent got too close, he cold always draw his saber from his cane. The brilliant green blade was hidden under the the objects top and would be revealed with a simple twist.

The reason for this particular expedition came from one of his business contacts who had spoken of a new creature that had become popular in the market. Upon the recent boom in rich collector markets, the Pelt of an Ashlan wolf was known for its absolute beauty as well as its ability to find the moral compass of its owner. Loyal and unique, this creature seemed to be the perfect present for Vulpesen. Of course, he wouldn't enter such a dangerous place without his guards. The five soldiers of the republic surrounded their charge, waiting patiently for the landing. As for who else had heard word of the senator's expedition, he didn't know, nor did he care. Of course, the latter would change should they decide to try and kill him, but he was fairly certain that the Mandalorians would hate for a Republic Senator to die on a peaceful mission on their lands.

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Dris Negan

Senior Agent Dris Negan of the Empire stood next to the Senator of Amar, a wide grin plastered across his face. The other soldiers believed it to be because of Dris's newest persona's recent "marriage". In truth it was because Dris's handler had done some of his finest work yet as a creator of false identities and invisible people. Dris was now Private Judon Trently, a Corellian mechanic who'd joined the Republic Army in search of steady pay and adventure. A fresh faced "noob" straight outta the school of infantry. All the bribes had been perfectly placed, palms greased, double agents utilized. Nothing made Dris appear to be something other than what he currently appeared to be. The reason why such an identity was so useful was obvious. If Dris was ever instructed to infiltrate the Republic Army all of the groundwork had already been laid before him.

Dris cradled his newly issued S4 and kept grinning, focusing on pulling security for the Senator. He probably wouldn't have to fight anyone on this mission. @[member="Zarro Verres"]

Jade Night

Jade stepped out behind @[member="Zarro Verres"], knowing full well that she was acting as Republic on a mandalorian world. Her reason? She had two, each opposite the other. One, she wanted to study the Ysalmarri, in hope to perhaps take a page from a certain Moff, if a force-using problem would arise, and, if she was lucky, get an Ashlan wolf herself. She didn't know why the guards were required, but it didn't matter.
@[member="Dris Negan"]
Jar was flying calmly on his YTA-1300 as he entered in the atmosphere of the planet Myrkr when he notice a shuttle that was also entering the atmosphere. He decides not to pursuit the shuttle but would rather keep it under his radar. "Hopefully I don't get involve in any fight today, but if I do I will give them a piece of my mind," he says and takes a glance at some of the equipment that he inherited from his uncle: a HK416 blaster rifle, a Stal-11 blaster pistol in his holster, and his jetpack. Then he returned to flying his ship calmly and focusing on getting an Ashlan wolf for his bounty hunter missions and other necessities.


CEO of Verres Trading
Verres looked once more to his security detail. Something was off, but he couldn't find out what. Unlike most senators, he was a force sensitive and unlike Yusann Fenn, he hadn't truly displayed these tendencies in front of many people outside of his home world. This gave him an edge against people like common assassins, but his lack of training was often infuriating. Focusing more and more, the senator was finally making progress, just about to find the abnormality in the rookie when... blindness. Darkness. Silence. Numbness. Everything! It was all gone! Zarro found himself having a small panic attack, much like the one he had felt when he had first come to this star forsaken planet. In all simplicity, Zarro had come into something that he was expecting, but wasn't as prepared for as he thought. They had entered the Ysalimiri bubble. Many jedi described it as being blind. Zarro felt alone. He was a trader, and a charmer. His knowledge of the force was in the business of influence, and thus losing it was like losing ones ability to communicate.

Getting over his moment of anxiety, Zarro calmly gave the pilot the order to descend. He figured that these creatures would be hard to find no matter where they were, so they might as well start in the nearby clearing. He figured they were a planet wide animal due to the fact that reports never pegged them in one region.

Turning to @[member="Dris Negan"], his "fellow" security guards, and @[member="Jade Night"] Zarro, hooked his canine on his arm and clasped his hands. "I certainly hope you came prepared. Last time I was on this planet, I ended up running from a pack of Vornskrs and narrowly avoided some of the most unpleasant plants I have ever seen to affect a beast. Other than that, I thank your for joining me in this quest for the Ashlan wolf." His voice was smooth, yet it held a small growl in it, a side effect of his canine nature. However, Zarro was not completely like other Amarans. Unlike most other members of the Vulpine species, Zarro's voice was respectful and calm whereas most would have likely turned this into some party. Amarans were about as carefree as the zeltrons, which made Zarro's bid for power as his diplomatic nature stood out in stark contrast to his less serious competition.

@[member="Jar Dar"]
Suddenly Jar remembered something that his uncle told him about this planet, since he was a bounty hunter and he went from place to place, that caught his ears: that there were two interesting animals: the Vornskrs and the Ysalamiri, both that use the Force for their advantages. The Ysalamiri use a "force bubble" that leaves people disconnected from the force, he thought that the Ysalamiri would be no problem for him since he's not a force userand they don't cause any harm to no one. But the Vornskrs were a problem to Jar since they use the force to find their prey unless he's close to a Ysalamiri. "There's probably a chance I will end up in a fight with a Vornskr but as long as I am careful nothing bad will happen to me." Then he notices the other shuttle descends and does the same thing and as he does this he comes closer to the shuttle, but not that close, so that way he can find a nearby clearing and it will be easier for him to find an Ashlan wolf.

@[member="Zarro Verres"]