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Fox and Wolves (Ask before joining)


CEO of Verres Trading
Zarro sat back in his shuttle as he entered the atmosphere of Myrkr. Such a strange and hostile planet. He had been here before, but that was several years ago. About three to be correct. He remembered the sense of loss once he had been cut off from the force. Now, he was prepared for that and was fairly sure that it wouldn't affect him too much. Within his fancy coat, Zarro had about twenty knives, each one ready to pierce through the flesh of any hostile being that dared cross the old fox. He generally used the force to keep such an item effective, but he had trained since his last visit to the planet. Middle aged or not, the senator was quite an efficient knife thrower, though if his opponent got too close, he cold always draw his saber from his cane. The brilliant green blade was hidden under the the objects top and would be revealed with a simple twist.

The reason for this particular expedition came from one of his business contacts who had spoken of a new creature that had become popular in the market. Upon the recent boom in rich collector markets, the Pelt of an Ashlan wolf was known for its absolute beauty as well as its ability to find the moral compass of its owner. Loyal and unique, this creature seemed to be the perfect present for Vulpesen. Of course, he wouldn't enter such a dangerous place without his guards. The five soldiers of the republic surrounded their charge, waiting patiently for the landing. As for who else had heard word of the senator's expedition, he didn't know, nor did he care. Of course, the latter would change should they decide to try and kill him, but he was fairly certain that the Mandalorians would hate for a Republic Senator to die on a peaceful mission on their lands.