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Foundation of the CIS Resurgence

An unknown individual has reactivated us and upgraded us to allow us to cope in this new world. However, without immediate action, we will not last long. Without a base and factory to increase our forces, I predict a 0.57% chance of our survival. Prepare to rally on the transmitted coordinates, where we will depart and attempt to establish a base on the surface of Kalee.
Rog-r, out.


The original commando droid with a hat
Receiving coordinates
Searching for optimal route to coords
Fellow droids found with an operational cis transport ship
Will be heading to given coords
Eta 1-2 days
Received coordinates. I will make my way to the destination and arrive at your location. I can't exactly calculate when I will be there, however it should be soon. See you there.

From Spanner
Receiving Coordinates.
Optimal route found.
Preparing to jump to you coordinates. If my calculations are correct my ship and I will be at Kalee in T-Minus 5 hours.
Connection Closed.
Attempting connection...
Connection established.

"Commander, I have received your message. I am rerouting my ship to your coordinates. Expect my arrival shortly."

Connection terminated.
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
<Establishing connection...>


<Printing out report>

[Reactivation of Q-7846 as per CIS guidelines. Primary details as are follows: Weaponry = optimal, optics = damaged, main processor = functional, behaviour core = ~FATAL ERROR: REBOOT~, power levels = adequate]

<Transmitting Response>

"Orders recieved commander, this unit has been reactivated and is enroute to yo- *BBZZCK*"

"Oohhhhhh, there is dirt in my servomotors! Ahhhhhhhhh..."

<Connection terminated>

<Connection Establish>

"Ahhh much better. I am enroute to your location. I am already based in Kalee but expect delays do to inclement weather."

"To review: Primary objective: Rendezvous with CIS force on Kalee. Secondary objectives: Extract unit from ditch & eliminate threatening local fauna"

"Q-7846, signing off"

<Connection terminated>

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