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Private Found You



It'd taken longer than she'd like to admit. Finding him again. Alina went back to the appartment to collect her wayward apprentice, bring him home. Remind him of his place and finally continue the training she had so neglected. She had.. Apologies, to give. For abandoning him like she and so many had been abandoned by the Sith Lords during the final days of the Empire. It was her greatest shame. Part of the reason she was so reluctant to admit so many people were right about her. She was Sith.

And, to ensure he didn't run. She waited. In the vastness of space. An escape pod, of course. She wasn't immortal in space, she could only last a few minutes. She wanted to show off, for sure. Prove a point about herself. And surprise him.

The gravity trap went off. Pulling him from hyperspace to where she was waiting. Floating, armorless in space, an unamused frown on her lips as his shuttle reached her. Alina reached out as the ship came to a stop, knocking gently twice on the glass. Mouthing the words.

Let. Me. In.

Rax Tremira Rax Tremira
The trip had been relatively peaceful, Rax had finished his training for the day, and now sat alone in the room he shared with his other... Well, his new other, if he could call her that. He would've liked to call her that, ignorant of the fact the little blue psychopath had run a lightsaber through his previous girlfriend's spinal cord. Well, it wasn't like he felt bad. His initial outburst was more surprise than anything. Even now he wondered if she had used her mental implant to twist his mind, although that didn't seem likely. She was simply... Better. Superior to the human, and relatively unsensitive woman he used to hide amongst civilization with before.

Now, she wanted him to take up his old ways. She had rooted him out easily, though he wasn't sure how, considering he had taken care to hide his nature from the public; only practicing the Dark Arts away from prying eyes, in places where the Force wouldn't leak out, betraying his nature to any roving bands of Jedi, or even worse, their Shadow counterparts. He stood, and left her now, letting her sleep, instead moving to the common area aboard the civilian transport ship they were using to shake up their locale.

He was wanted again after all, and this time, due to the nature of execution Nyaeli Nyaeli performed on the other, he was wanted as a Sith on Nar Shaddaa. It wasn't safe for him there anymore. Moving into the common room, he pulled up the dual wires for his headset, and popped them into his ears, relaxing on the couch as he watched some informative holomentary on the ongoing of politics in the galaxy. Not like he cared, but... It was interesting. Tython had been snuffed out.

He could only smirk at that. Stupid Jedi... Stupid Mandalorians. He had no personal aversion to the Maw, nor did he have any beef with them; he would tip his hat where it was due though. Well done... The Jedi would be reeling over it for some time, he had no doubt of that...

Suddenly, the ship lurched, though the systems in place to save the sudden reversion into sublight from becoming violent took over, and he would look up, and around with a sneer. Was their pilot drunk?

Astronomical as it was, he glanced left and saw it then. Blinking in confusion as her knuckles rapped on the viewport. How? Why, might have been a better question. Though, he quickly considered where he was, and pointed inside to his right, and Alina's left before turning and moving briskly to the nearest airlock. Stopped by a crewman, he would quickly raise his hand to the other.

"It's okay that I'm here, we're saving a marooned woman... Though, you don't need to tell the crew about it, it isn't that serious."

The man was defenseless and nodded in agreement.

'Yeah, it's okay that you're here. We need to save that woman. I better not trouble The Captain with this...'

The man then moved to open the exterior airlock, waiting until Alina entered before pressurizing the mid-section, then opening the interior airlock. Alina had been allowed entry, but was met with a very sudden, and cautious glare, and tone.

"How are y-... That doesn't even matter, what are you doing here?"

He asked her, holo-tablet being slid back into the yellow hood he was wearing, eyes clearly bewildered by her sudden appearance. Nevermind the pressing question of how she had just dropped the ship out of Hyperspace... Guess that's what HIMS modules were for.

Alina Tremiru Alina Tremiru


There were more here than she expected. Fixing her hair as pressure returned, Alina stepped inside. Turned her gaze around the room with an idle curiosity. Any who met her gaze though seemed to go.. Numb. That was a word for it. Their curiosity was replaced with some kind of blank expression as they turned and went about whatever it was they'd been doing before the pale woman stepped into their ship from the vacuum of space.

Brushing out her sleeves, she turned her gaze back towards her wayward apprentice. Narrowed them.

"Seems you're wanted on Nar Shadda for being a Sith." It started as a lecture, before she could stop herself at least. The Sangnir let out a sigh as she looked off, crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm here to take you home. Back to the Sith, where you can be safe. And finish your training."

Rax Tremira Rax Tremira