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Chaos-God of Gluttony
Since I don't want to jump the gun, I wanted to poll how people wanted the the Faction to look and function.

I chose a generic symbol for our Logo. A topic of discussion could be what other possible images could be used. In addition to this, the opinion on the over all aesthetics to the faction's forum would be appreciated.

Another topic of discussion, is how should the forum be organized? Currently, we have two sections, consisting of a General Discussion and a place to welcome new members.

I'm thinking a Resource's Section, a Training Area, and a Pre-Factory would be the next on the list. However, if there are any others that can be thought of, here would be the place you would express that opinion.

Lastly, a few Moderators would be nice, to manage everything here. Not a huge responsibility or anything, I just want to make it so the faction doesn't depend on my for anything.

Kathryn Dae

Tbh until we hit major I like the way it looks now - nice and uncluttered. The only thing we should really consider adding is a resource area for our IC information, but that's about it.