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Forge Works Weapons

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Company: Forge Works Weapons

Modification Made: (What are you changing? If you are merging companies, we need the submission link for those companies. Detail all changes here. )
Rationale: (Why are you doing this?)

Pertinent Development Threads:
  • [Link - add in the FULL name of the thread. These are required for all Tier up requests, HQ's changes, New Locations, New Operations, Changing Operations, merging of companies, etc. For full details, please see the Company Rules or as in the Factory Q&A.] - [Description]
Template for upgrade from Tier II to Tier III

  • Sign a contract with two other different factions or organizations. (May be NPC).
  • Display growth through two passive expansions of your company.
  • Display growth through one active expansion of your company.

New Submission:
[Please spoiler the full modified submission here.]

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